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‘Keep Praying For Me’: Damar Hamlin Thankful In First Instagram Post

All NFL teams to sport ‘Love for Damar 3’ shirts, Commissioner Roger Goddell says.

NFL Coach Brian Flores’ Attorneys Argue Roger Goodell Shouldn’t Arbitrate Racial Bias Lawsuit

Flores’ lawyers, who are pursuing a lawsuit against the league on his behalf, say a jury should be presented with their case.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Speaks Out About Brian Flores Lawsuit

He says the league has fallen short when it comes to diversity in coaching hiring.

Jerry Jones Quickly Issues An Apology After Video Of Him Making A Racist Joke Goes Viral

Twitter is convinced this is Jones’ karma.

Kaepernick's Lawyer Says QB's Request To Have A Mediator Present For A Meeting With Roger Goodell Was Rejected By The NFL

People are saying, "They don't want to see him winning."

Colin Kaepernick Is Reportedly Excluded From NFL Players and Owners Meeting

He was supposedly part of the proposed Nov. 3 meeting.

The NFL Players Coalition Say They're At A Breaking Point After Bob McNair's Comments

They proposed a meeting between him, Kaep and Roger Goodell.

Roger Goodell Says 'We Want Our Players To Stand' For The National Anthem, And Kaepernick Clapped Back With These Re-Tweets

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Blasted For Caving Under Trump's Pressure And Saying All Players 'Should Stand For The National Anthem'

Reggie Bush calls it "house boy taking orders from owners."

People Are Calling Out Sports Illustrated For Leaving Colin Kaepernick Off Its 'Nation Divided, Sports United' Cover

Yet, they put NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on it.

Colin Kaepernick Is Calling Michael Bennett's Excessive Force Incident 'Disgusting And Unjust'

Meanwhile Seahawks star had to end his press conference.