L.A. Riot

L.A. Riot: Moving Forward 30 Years Later With Determination and HOPE

In the days after Los Angeles burned, nonprofit Operation HOPE was started by John Hope Bryant and has expanded to create millions of dollars in opportunities. He talks to BET.com, looking back at what happened and looking ahead.

The Injustice Often Overlooked: Latasha Harlins’ Sister Reflects 30 Years After The 1992 L.A. Riot

Overshadowed by the Rodney King beating, Dr. Christina Rogers says the 15-year-old shooting victim’s family wants a new generation to know about this case.

Rep. Karen Bass Remembers The 1992 Los Angeles Riot – And The Work It Took To Heal A Community

She’s in a tight race to become L.A.’s first Black woman mayor, but three decades ago the lawmaker was working to keep economic and racial tensions from reaching a boiling point.

L.A. Riot Anniversary: The Most Important Hood Classic Films of 1992

These works of cinematic art were on a different wave during a pivotal moment in American history.