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Celebrating Thurgood Marshall: A Cinematic Tribute to the First African-American Supreme Court Justice

Marking the historic confirmation anniversary, we spotlight five compelling films that capture the legal luminary's essence, struggles, and triumphs.

Civil Rights Attorney Fred Gray Receives NAACP LDF’s Lifetime Achievement Award

The 92-year old activist, state legislator, and preacher was honored for his numerous contributions to America’s most important civil rights battles.

Cecilia ‘Cissy’ Marshall, Thurgood Marshall’s Widow Dies At 94

Marshall, a former NAACP legal secretary, married the history-making Supreme Court justice in 1955.

House Votes To Remove Confederate Monuments and Memorials From U.S. Capitol

A new bust honoring Thurgood Marshall would be installed.

This Day in Black History: June 13, 1967

Thurgood Marshall appointed to U.S. Supreme Court.

This Day in Black History: March 2, 1867

Howard University is established in Washington, D.C.

People Are Complaining That Chadwick Boseman Is 'Too Dark' to Play Thurgood Marshall

Twitter is ranting.
Thurgood Marshall

This Day in Black History: Oct. 2, 1967

Thurgood Marshall sworn in as U.S. Supreme Court justice.

This Day in Black History: Aug. 30, 1967

Thurgood Marshall confirmed as Supreme Court justice.

This Day in Black History: July 13, 1965

Thurgood Marshall becomes first Black Solicitor General.
Brown v. Board of Education (1954) - The court ruled that "separate schools are inherently unequal" and banned segregation in public schools.  The decision overturned Plessy v. Ferguson.In this image, a Black student recites his lesson surrounded by white fellows and others Black students on May 21, 1954, at Washington's Saint-Dominique school, where for the first time the Brown v. Board of Education decision was applied. (Photo: STAFF/AFP/Getty Images)

This Day in Black History: May 17, 1954

Brown v. Board of Education is decided.