Study: Blacks in Britain More Likely to Be Jobless Than in U.S. - According to research presented Friday, during the last three global recessions, unemployment among Black British men was up to 19 percentage points higher than among those in America. The trend was similar for Black women.\r \r"There is greater ethnic inequality in Britain than in the USA for both sexes … If you are Black you are more likely to be without work in the U.K.,” said Yaojun Li, professor of sociology at Manchester University.\r(Photo: REUTERS/Phil Noble)

Commentary: Where Black Unemployment Is Worse Than America’s

Britain has higher unemployment among Black people than U.S.

Black and Hispanic Home Ownership Levels Down, Study Says

Black home ownership is in decline.

Commentary: Don’t Feel Sorry for the Bankers

One percenter bankers are whining about bonuses.
"Starter" Retirement Accounts

Commentary: Black Americans Not Ready for Retirement

The recession is making it harder to prepare for the future.

State of the Union Special With BET's Ed Gordon

Commentary and analysis will accompany the historic speech.

Report: Black Unemployment Remained Steady in 2011

Economist say the loss of public sector jobs is to blame.

America?s Homeless Problem

A recession has led to a spike in displaced youth.
Oldest Black Bank Receives a Bailout From Wall Street  - The oldest Black bank received a bailout from Wall Street on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Carver Bankcorp, the nation’s largest bank founded and run by African-Americans, voted to cede control of the Harlem-based institution to financial institutions, the U.S government and other key investors in return for $55 million cash to rescue their bank. Under the plan, Wall Street banks will hold 73 percent of Carver's shares, the U.S. government 25 percent, and the rest will be retained by Carver's existing stockholders.(Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Government Group Says Federal Reserve Banks Lack Diversity

Audit finds few minorities in high-level roles.
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Skirt Shutdown With Clean Up  - Facing a temporary shutdown for routine cleaning of Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park Thursday, Oct. 13, Occupy Wall Street protesters were told by the city that they could remain in the park after about 600-700 protesters banded together and cleaned up the mess themselves.(Photo: AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Skirt Shutdown With Clean Up

The city will allow them to stay.

Eye on Unemployment: Chicago

Here's one unemployment program that's making a dent.