Police brutality

Tyre Nichols' Mother Says Police Beat Him Beyond Possibility Of Survival In Fatal Encounter

In an interview with CNN, the mother of the 29-year-old Black man beaten by five ex-cops described how badly he was assaulted.

Tyre Nichols Case: 5 Ex-Memphis Officers Charged -- What We Know So Far

Prosecutors brought charges as the city awaits the release of video footage of the deadly encounter

U.S Attorney Investigating Tyre Nichols Case Says ‘We Will Go Where Those Facts Take Us’

The 29-year-old died after being brutally assaulted by police.

Tyre Nichols Died From 'Extensive Bleeding Caused By Severe Beating,' Independent Autopsy Says

Former Memphis officers beat him for three minutes like ‘a human piñata,’ the family’s lawyer Ben Crump says.

Tyre Nichols’ Family Watches Body Cam Footage Of His Fatal Arrest In Horror

The 29-year-old’s father described the video as “horrific.”

Family, 5-Year-Old Son Of Keenan Anderson File $50 Million Claim Of Damages Against Los Angeles

Anderson, 31, was reportedly shocked six times with a stun gun.

5 Black Memphis Police Officers Fired In The Death Of Tyre Nichols

An internal investigation found that they violated department policies in the death of Nichols, who is also Black.

Army Officer Awarded $3,685 In Police Brutality Case

Second Lt. Caron Nazario was seeking $1 million in damages.

George Floyd Protesters Injured By Minneapolis Police Reach $600,000 Settlement

The dozen victims of excessive force suffered lasting physical and psychological effects from the police efforts to put down the peaceful protests.

Sheriff’s Office Investigates Jailers Seen Punching Detained Man

The newly-released video shows jailers repeatedly beating a 41-year-old Black man