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Attorneys For Living Tulsa Survivors Appeal Dismissed Reparations Case

They’ve been waiting 102 years for justice, a lawyer for the three race riot victims says.

Oklahoma Judge Dismisses 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Reparations Case Filed By Survivors

Judge Caroline Wall said the lawsuit “should and shall be dismissed with prejudice" in her ruling.

Oldest Living Tulsa Race Massacre Survivor Viola Ford Fletcher Publishes Memoir

Out of fear, she never spoke about what she witnessed as a 7-year-old child.

Judge Allows Tulsa Race Massacre Survivors To Sue For Reparations But Dismisses Descendants’ Case

Three survivors, all over 100 years old, demand justice for the 1921 racist attack that destroyed ‘Black Wall Street.’

Biden Comes To Tulsa To Remember Those Who Suffered in the 1921 Massacre, And Still Do

The president addressed the horror of a century ago.

The Tulsa Race Massacre 100 Years Later: Why Descendants Are Demanding Reparations For The Racial Terrorism Their Ancestors Faced

Descendants of the victims explain why restitution is owed.

Not Just Tulsa: Race Massacres That Devastated Black Communities In Rosewood, Atlanta, and Other American Cities

There is a long history of white terrorism destroying Black communities.

Rediscovering Black Wall Street: New Film Reaches Back Into Tulsa’s Once Thriving Business District

Filmmaker Nailah Jefferson looks at the Greenwood District.

Tulsa Searches For Victims Of 1921 Massacre In Unmarked Graves

City wants to heal from the racist violence of 99 years ago.