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Michelle Obama Says She's 'Terrified' of Possible Outcome of the 2024 Election

The former First Lady said that the divisive nature of the political scene ‘keeps her up at night.’

#Unboxed Vol. 35: DJ Rosegold Wants To Be The Biggest DJ In The World

With a resume that includes DJing for President Barack Obama and Cardi B, she recently released her debut single, ‘Passion.’

Meet Rep. Gabe Amo, the First Black Rhode Islander To Be Elected To Congress

Previously a staffer with the Obama and Biden administrations, Amo will represent Rhode Island’s First district.

Harvard Protesters Accuse Obama Of ‘Genocide’ At ‘Die-In’ Demonstration, Calling For End To Violence In Gaza

The group reacted to the deadly Gaza hospital blast that Hamas and Israel blamed on each other.

Obama Releases Summer Reading List

The former POTUS shares his recommendations for the best beach reads every year.

'Everything Black' Presented by Ford

A daily reminder of African-American contributions to our world.