3 Ways The Debt Ceiling Crisis Impacts Black Households As Lawmakers Negotiate Resolution

A government default endangers federal payments ‘families rely on to make ends meet,’ says a White House blog.

Black Women Concerned About Finances Ahead Of Midterms

New poll two-thirds of Black women voters are highly motives to vote in the 2022 midterm elections.

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Nigeria Bans Non-Nigerian Models and Voice-Over Artists From Ads

The government says they want to promote their own talent and economy.

Report Says High Unemployment Rates For Black Men Cost The Economy $50 Billion

This contributes to poverty in the Black community.

LinkedIn Study Shows HBCU Grads Bucking Low U.S. Hiring Trends Despite Economic Downturn

Two fields are attracting Black grads at higher rates.

Black Twitter Blasts Jared Kushner For Racist Statement About Black Success On Fox

Social media was quick to call out Trump’s senior adviser.

Sign Of the Apocalypse: Stock Markets Are Crashing As Trump Closes In On Presidency

The world financial markets have lost faith in America.