Big Punisher


Representing the Boogie Down Bronx to the fullest, Puerto Rican MC Big Pun is one of hip hop’s most respected lyricists of all time. Born Christopher Lee Rios, he was known as Big Moon Dog before changing his name to Big Punisher. After meeting Fat Joe in 1995, Rios dropped a verse on The Beatnuts “Off The Books,” which generated an enormous buzz. The underground single, “I’m Not a Player,” solidified his reputation as a lethal lyricist. His 1998 debut, Capital Punishment, was nominated for a Grammy Award, and the hit single, “Still Not a Player” featuring Joe, made Rios the first Latino rap artist to achieve platinum status. A member of Fat Joe’sTerror Squad, Pun appeared in films like ThickerThan Water and Urban Menace. After years of struggling with his weight, he died of a heart attack in February 2000 at age 28, leaving behind his childhood sweetheart wife, and their three children. Three posthumous albums have been released since, helping to keep his legacy alive.