Freestyle Friday

MC Battle on BET's 106 & Park: BET Top 10 Live.

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Freestyle Friday is a weekly segment on BET's popular video countdown show 106 & Park: BET Top 10 Live where two aspiring rappers compete in a freestyle battle before a live studio audience. Each competitor alternates freestyling for 30 seconds in each of the battle's two rounds (originally just one round when the contest first began). The rappers are not allowed to use profanities or sexually suggestive lyrics, an offense punishable by disqualification. After the battle, a panel of industry tastemakers and veteran MCs decide the winner by majority vote. Each week's winning rapper returns to the ring the following Friday to defend their title against several new challengers. After seven consecutive wins, the rapper is retired and inducted into the Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame — but if the "Challenger" card is picked by either two or three of the Judges, then the champion automatically loses the title. Things really heat up in March of every year with March Mayhem, where we bring back the best of the best from the past year to go head-to-head.

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