Exclusive: Christian Combs Admits There's Serious Style Competition In His Family

"I’m a whole different being!”

Christian Combs, aka King Combs, is no stranger to the style game. As the teenage son of modern style icon Sean "Diddy Combs, the former is inching towards the million mark in followers while making a name for himself as a model one runway at a time. From his fashion cred to his self-proclaimed shopping addiction (and by the way, he's also a musician), Christian is proving that greatness surely runs in his DNA. 

(Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET)

Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET

(Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET) caught up with Christian to get the exclusive on his young playboy lifestyle because we are curious to know how one could be as cool as King Combs. Christian is working to prove that he is not the typical kid from parents who can buy a state if they wanted, but actually a cool, down-to-earth, humble young man who just wants to make his mark on the world.

(Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET)
(Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET)

Christian wasn’t born in New York, but he says a lot of his personal style is based on the NYC energy. Christian shared with me, “I got a little New York swag. Even though I didn’t grow up here [in New York] my entire life, I still kept that in my style.”

He credits his stylist Lade for keeping him connected to fashion plugs. Lade makes sure Christian is laced only in the #veryrare. Like the illustrious Louis Vuitton x Supreme hoodie and matching durag he was rocking during our interview. These rare pieces, that we mere mortals can only wish to own because they were literally never sold, were mixed carefully with a range of street brands and designers, from Bathing Ape boxers to jeans straight from Belgian label Walter Van Beirendonck.

What mesmerized me most about his appearance was just how perfect his waves were. He points to a diamond jet ski pendant he had custom made and tells me that he's the "wave god," but that actually has nothing to do with his hair. When it comes to personal grooming, Christian typically keeps a fresh caesar cut. But still, those waves are something special. The routine to develop his perfect 360 waves is actually quite simple according to him: “I wear durags to keep the waves here!” And he adds, “You just got to keep brushing and keep the durag on [after]. I just take pride in wearing my durag. That’s like my alter ego! So when I put the durag on, I’m a whole different being!” Christian admits that it must be a committed process, “You got to take pride in it, brushing it and lay it down with a little bit of ice water [before applying the durag].”

So as a follow up, I researched the process with the ice water because I've never heard of that. Apparently it's a #majorkey grooming tip. OK, so the kid knows his stuff. 

Besides a penchant for grooming, the young Combs has also been genetically blessed with a face for the camera. Christian, along with other fly (and super rich) celebrity millennial offspring, walked in the most recent Dolce & Gabbana men's show over the summer. Before the show in July, you probably saw Christian flex his modeling skills in a fashion spread that was the talk of Twitter and Instagram because of the jaw-dropping resemblance to his legendary father Diddy in some of the shots. Since he is a musician first, this career swerve took me by surprise. When I asked asked if he would consider doing more modeling in the future, he said, “I wouldn’t turn down any offers in that field. I think it’s new, it’s different, but I’m up for the challenge” he said. The future model says he will be open to working with other brands such as Balmain or Phillipp Plein.

So even though he's dipped his toe in the modeling pool, music is his first choice career. Like most artists, music and style go hand in hand for Combs. “Music is definitely one of the main influences [as it relates to my style]. When I get up, the first thing I do is listen to music. And when I am getting dressed, it’s based on the vibe I am usually on [based on the music]."

I know that this family can't be an easy one to stand out in, so I am curious as to what Christian would say are considered "wardrobe essentials." He advised me that every man should “definitely [have] some bling to throw on to feel good and headbands, sometimes just to add a different element to my swag.” Christian says he owns countless pieces of bling, which of course includes his signature Bad Boy necklace being one his most priceless possessions. 

I stare at his sparkling neck and think about my lacking bling collection. 

So I guess I didn't pass the bling test, but as far as fashion mistakes he sees other guys make that frequently irk him, Christian wasn’t afraid to give his opinion. He responded to this query in the most humble way possible: “A fashion don’t is just trying too hard in general. Matching logos from head to toe or just trying to look like your favorite celebrity. Be inspired by someone, but always add your own identity to your swag. That’s the key!” *ahem* Take notes, fashion boys dressed as walking Gucci billboards!

He admitted to making fashion mistakes himself as well, “I had on a pair of orange skinny jeans back in the day and I was like, ‘Yo what I am wearing?’ It was a quick experiment. Never again!” Curious to know where are these infamous orange skinny jeans? “IN THE TRASH!” he exclaimed, laughing. 

(Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET)

Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET

(Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET)

The memory of those fateful jeans prompted him to offer advice for guys to just be original. “Make sure you put on what fits you," he said. "Don’t look at someone else and be like, ‘Oh I need that.' Just because it may look good on them, it's got to fit you and your body type. Don’t be thirsty to just rock what someone else is wearing.”

We know that the Combs family, when it comes to fashion and style, remains on the forefront of people to watch for inspiration. But like any great team, or in this case family, they all strive to make each other better. Not just in the music world in which their foundation is formed, but in the fashion arena as well. “For the style, I feed off my family, my brothers. We are in competition a little bit," Christian said. "Justin, I see him looking at me head to toe and I might go back in his closet real quick and switch it up.”

But when it comes to his longtime girlfriend Breah Hicks, they complement each other. Their prom look went viral. Anyone would think that outfits that good would take weeks to coordinate, but it actually took no time at all. Christian says, “It took not long at all! We talked about what color we wanted to wear and I went and did my research about how I wanted to freak it!” Their prom scene reminded Christian of a mini-wedding. Oh, is that a hint? 

Outside of schoolin’ us on how to dress, we actually had to get to the real reason for his visit. Christian is debuting new music as well. Two singles that are already in heavy rotation, “Type Different” and “F**k the Summer Up,” and an upcoming one called “Naughty” are solidifying his place as the Bad Boy heir apparent. 

Looks like the 19-year-old taught us more than a few things. We're here for how he's developing and even more here for his style flexes. We'll be watching though to make sure he doesn't get too naughty while still looking nice. 

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