Commentary: Why Get Engaged If You're Just Gonna Cheat?

Nick Young’s cheating shenanigans are just too much.

Real talk: I give zero shakes about Iggy Azalea — like, not one.

The Aussie “rapper” has done nothing but co-opt Black for her personal and financial gain. Not to mention she has not one ounce of lyrical talent, hence why her career has gone down the toilet. That, and Black Twitter helped destroy her — and I don’t mind. But no matter how much I can’t stand her, never could I celebrate having to find out online that her fiancé was cheating on her with multiple women, including a teenager.

According to multiple reports, Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young was caught on video by his teammate D’Angelo Russell bragging about his conquests and how he cheats on his bae Iggy. Somehow that tape ended up in the laps of the Famelous, which posted the video on its Twitter account for the world to see.


Meanwhile, Azalea hasn’t officially said much about this incident, but this news comes days after she admitted she was putting her wedding plans on hold to wait for the basketball season to end and because it was conflicting with her touring. (I had no clue she had fans anymore, but I digress.)

Poor girl can’t win to lose.

And, of course, folks are roasting her and Young. Which, quiet as their relationship has been, it’s not really our business. We don’t know them or the parameters of their relationship. Maybe he gets cheating passes or it’s not cheating if fluids aren’t exchanged. Who knows? Nor should it be a shock that a professional athlete cheats on someone he claims to love. I would be more shocked if he was actually being faithful. 

But what I don’t get is that if you are young and still want to stay in bachelor mode, why not stay single or find a jump-off that you know will always be around but isn’t looking for a commitment? I am sure those women exist.

Why even bother to put a ring on it? And then why be so brazen to admit your cheating on video knowing it could get out? Better yet, why do anything to humiliate a woman you claim to love?

It’s that level of disrespect that gets under my skin the most.

Mostly because it’s not like Young’s behavior is just relegated to famous and wealthy men or even young men. I’ve met plenty of married and attached men — older and younger — who honestly just don’t care how they treat the women in their life. And I’ve also sat and heard women cry about being cheated on — and it sucks. It’s sad, because marriage (and love) isn’t something to be played with. Enter into it only when you’re ready.

It’s clear to me that some of you dudes really need to grow the hell up and start being the man that respects women. Start being the man that is honest about your needs and wants. Start being the kind of man that stops wasting a woman’s time and emotions because you just need someone around. But most importantly, start being the man that realizes that you can’t be a heaux and have a wife at the same time.

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