10 Questions We Need Answered In Season 2 Of ‘The Oval’

The Tyler Perry series returns on February 16.

The first season of The Oval was a thrill ride from beginning to end. Just when we think the First Family can’t get any lower with their schemes and scams, they surprise us and do just that. This clan refuses to go high as our former FLOTUS Michelle Obama suggested. The Franklins are ruthless. (See what we did there?) With all the backstabbing, power-grabbing, and lying that has taken place within their household, season two is sure to be one for the books.
But it’s not just The First Family who has issues. The White House staff is messy too. They have deep family secrets, sexual entanglements, and even dark criminal acts to maneuver through in order to appear professional. Behind their uniforms and stoic personas, the White House crew has plenty of dirt to cover up. There are no dull moments in The Oval.
Last season, The Oval left us with bombshells and cliffhangers that we need addressed in the upcoming season. For all those anticipating more drama and utter craziness to unfold at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on February 16th, we at came up with 10 Questions We Need Answered In Season 2 of The Oval.

*Spoiler Alert

  1. Will Callie Be Rescued?

    One of the wildest and tragic scenes of The Oval is the kidnapping of Callie. Nancy went behind Barry’s back and invited Ruth to come over to the house for a short visit. Ruth pulled a fast one by running up on Nancy with some of her sex-crazed cult members and snatched Callie away from them! Now, she has dragged her daughter into the cult-life. This sends Barry spiraling out of control in every way imaginable. He finally approaches Ruth and throws her in his car. Will he get the truth about Callie?

  2. How Powerful Is The Rakudushis Cult?

    What’s really going on with this Rakudushis cult? It’s safe to say that most of us were caught off guard when we discovered their existence. That was some wild ish. Ruth has fallen into this cult and has taken her daughter with her. Will Barry, Nancy, and Robert be able to fight the powers of the cult and finally bring Callie home? Not if the Highest has anything to do with it. He has Ruth and so many others under his spell.

  3. Will Anyone Find Out Donald and Kyle’s Secret?

    The marriage of Lilly and Donald Winthrop was all for show. They got hitched so Lilly’s fashion career could take off and Donald could advance in the government. Donald is married to Lilly but he’s passionate about Kyle. After Lilly finds out about his true lifestyle, Donald still wants to keep up the facade. Donald has kept this part of his life a secret but as the stakes are raised in season two, what is done in the dark just might come to the light.

  4. Who will Sharon Choose: Barry or Kareem?

    Sharon, Barry, and Kareem are caught up in a love triangle that almost turned fatal. When Barry saw Kareem and Sharon “filling prescriptions” on the counter, he drove his car straight through the pharmacy. During the commotion, his father was almost shot to death as he and Kareem wrestled with a gun. While Kareem went back to his woman and Barry took back Sharon, we don’t think this will be the last of tensions between these three.

  5. Can The New Press Secretary Handle The Job?

    Life comes at you fast. Ellie was just the latest intern and now she is the Press Secretary. That’s a significant promotion. After going through a panty interrogation and catching the wandering eye of President Hunter, Ellie has a brand new gig. We don’t know how good her resume is but fooling around with The President is a sure way to get you fast-tracked for a better assignment. But the rub is, does she know what she got herself into?

  6. Is There Any Hope For The Franklin Kids?

    In the words of Ms. Celie from The Color Purple, “These kids are rotten.” When it comes to Gayle and Jason Franklin, the apples haven’t fallen too far from the trees. From the outset, the children are just as rude, manipulative, and deviant as their parents. From Gayle leaving The White House in the trunk of a car to Jason walking around in his birthday suit, these two are always into something. Jason showed us how far gone he is by raping Jane, killing her, and hiding her under his bed! Gayle has an attorney in hopes of emancipating herself from the family. Their grandmother has her hands full now that she has taken these two away. Can she straighten them out?

  7. Will Richard and Nancy Reconcile?

    Richard and Nancy Hallsen seem like good, church-going, God-fearing people. But even they have some unexpected dark secrets. When Nancy dropped the news on Robert that Picky was not her nephew but her son, all hell broke loose. She stepped out on him while he was serving in the Gulf War, got pregnant, and let her sister take care of the baby. Yikes! That was a lot for Richard to handle. Nancy made her way back into the house after spending the night at the Owen’s house. Richard promises to make her life a living hell. Can they get that old thing back? Well, it’s not looking too good.

  8. Will Victoria’s Father Make An Appearance?

    Victoria, the feisty First Lady, usually gets the last word and leaves everyone feeling her wrath. But when she was in the presence of her mother (Janee Michelle), who dropped in for a surprise visit, she turned back into a child. Her mother got her all the way together, the only person in season one who got the best of her. Her mother took her and the kids for lunch and told them the truth about themselves. Mama don’t take no mess. Also, Victoria’s father seems to be highly connected and she alluded to him saving President Franklin from a debt. If the First Lady's mother is this much of G, then her pops must be bad too.

  9. Can Anyone Get Kyle Under Control?

    Kyle is so reckless. He will do anything to get what he wants. He stays on a personal mission to come off like a good soldier but always has an ulterior motive. In episode 22, Kyle was unhinged so much that he killed Max and Yoma at one time. Somehow he’s managed to gain the trust of President Franklin, get Donald back, and get rid of Lilly. He’s running wild. What else will he get himself into this season?

  10. Who Killed Denise?

    The question that every fan of The Oval wants to know is, “Who killed Denise?” After an entire season, we still don’t know who murdered her. Was it the President who was too drunk and high to remember what he did? It couldn’t have been Victoria could it? Did Victoria’s mother call in a favor? The Secret Service tried to keep it under wraps but they kept leaving clues by being careless. Diane, the former Press Secretary, had the mic drop of the year when she told the press core about Ellie’s “job application” and the DNA which happens to belong to The President, linking it to the dead girl’s undergarments. But, we still don’t know who killed Denise. Season two has to answer this question for us!

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