21 Questions With Rich The Kid, The Boss Man

Rich is calling the shots in 2020 as he delves into the underpinnings of his latest project, ‘Boss Man,’ and talks family, fiancé and finance life.

2019 was calm for Queens-bred-Georgia-migrated rap star Rich The Kid, but it was hardly quiet.

Among cranking up his Rich Forever label roster with a group of new signees, 83 Babies, while amplifying the singles of his 2018 additions, Airi and Yung Bino, the 27-year-old also managed to drop off the second chapter to his The World Is Yours debut album (The World Is Yours 2) and a full-blown compilation project, Rich Forever 4.  It’s been nearly a year since releasing the former, and Rich’s keynotes of ownership and showmanship that occupied the sophomore project still remains. However, he’s approaching leadership in an overt manner for his third studio delivery, Boss Man

This approach is ironically similar to the manner in which he handles his press days, which he breezes through on one of March’s warmer days in New York with all the makings of a boss man. Rich has his entourage in tow, including another Rich Forever artist Famous Dex, as he handles a video interview and subsequent photo shoot. He’s undistracted, collected, patient, orderly, and follows clear direction. “A boss man should always know how to lead his people and feed his people,” he says. “It’s not just about bossing people around.”

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As an Interscope Records artist himself, Rich is still as much a pupil as he is a person in charge. Before landing at Interscope (which houses other top-ranking talents like DaBaby, Moneybagg Yo, and rap’s dearly-departed Juice WRLD), he left footprints at other record label houses including 300 Entertainment and Quality Control. His decision to finally run with the West Coast-based label was simple enough after explaining in 2017 that it “gave [him] the opportunity to take over the game completely.” Three years later and bestowed on his third studio album, Rich is still perseverant in making that rhetoric a reality. 

In another extension of our 21 Questions, learned more from Rich about this transition into boss status, his preferences between some of the most common riches of such caliber, family and fiancé life, and a few light details on his latest album. 

  1. Rolex or AP?

    AP. Audemars [Piguet] are better. That was my very first watch.

  2. Wraith or Lambo?

    Lambo. I like sports cars. They're faster. 

  3. Chanel frames or Louboutin slides?

    (Photo: Evans Alexandre/ BET)
    (Photo: Evans Alexandre/ BET)

    Chanel frames; I just admire the Chanel brand.

  4. What’s your favorite thing about being a dad?

    Watching my kids grow up. I’m a family man, and I just enjoy being around my family. I have one daughter, so I also do enjoy being a girl dad and appreciate being in her life.

  5. What’s your favorite thing about being a fiancé?

    I know that I’m gonna be the best husband that I can be to her. That’s what’s important at the end of the day.

  6. Would you rather work a nine to five but always be able to see your family or work for yourself but only see them once a month?

    Damn. I’d have to do that nine to five. I have to be able to see my family or I’d go crazy. One time a month? No, that’s not enough. That’s barely seeing them. That’s like you’re damn near in jail.

  7. Home life or tour life?

    That’s a hard one. I’ll say tour life because I’m making money.

  8. Would you rather lose all of your valuables or all of the pictures you’ve ever taken?

    Lose all of my pictures. I’ll just make new memories [Laughs.]

  9. Jay-Z feature or Drake co-sign?

    Jay-Z feature. To do a Jay-Z feature would be legendary. No-brainer.

  10. Party bus or yacht party?

    Yachty party. I enjoy being on the water.

  11. Would you rather have a horrible job, but be able to retire comfortably in 10 years or have your dream job, but have to work until the day you die?

    Dream job, and then work until I die. I have to be doing what I love. That’s happiness to me.

  12. Have you ever visited Haiti?

    No; but I might go. I have family that lives there, like distant relatives. I also speak Haitain Creole fluently.

  13. Would you rather die in 20 years with no regrets or live 60 more with several regrets?

    60 with several regrets because I’d probably regret little small things. Like, “Oh, why did I buy them shoes?”

  14. Would you rather be the richest man alive or the smartest?

    Smartest man! I’ll make my peoples rich, and then–boom!—they’re gonna make me money, and then—boom!— I’m rich right after.

  15. What’s the true meaning of a boss?

    A person that provides for their team and their family. We need more of that.

  16. If you had to explain to a hip-hop fan why the world needs another trap album, what would you say?

    I don’t particularly think I’m just a trap artist. I consider myself universal. I’d just say I’m a universal hip-hop artist. I just know I got what [hip-hop] is missing. I got more bangers, and the world always needs that.

  17. How did you decide on releasing Boss Man as a two-part structure?

    When I was about to drop it, there were just too many songs. It won’t be a deluxe version or anything though. It’ll just be two parts.   

  18. You have DaBaby, Quavo, Nicki Minaj and Post Malone among the feature guests on the project...

    Tell me about how your feature selection process.

    Honestly, I just know when an artist is going to fit on songs. I can hear it in my head already.

  19. Who are some female rap artists that you’d like to collaborate with?

    I’ve never collaborated with any female artist [outside of Nicki Minaj for this project].

    But, with any feature I do, I like it to just happen organically. So, I’m not particularly seeking any one female rap artist to collaborate with. I want all of my collaborations to happen naturally.

  20. How is this project different from The World Is Yours and Rich Forever series?

    This project represents growth for me in a way that [my previous albums] didn’t. Lyrically and as a man.

  21. What’s the outlook for the next nine months of 2020?

    (Photo: Evans Alexandre/ BET)
    (Photo: Evans Alexandre/ BET)

    Touring, touring, touring. And then Boss Man part two.

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