16 Real Men Explain Being "Ready For A Wife"

Stevie J's tweet opened a whole can of worms.

Stevie J recently tweeted he was ready for a wife and confused a lot of people. His ex, Joseline Hernandez, in particular:

We caught the shade, Joseline! But real talk, what qualifies a man to be "wife ready"? Stevie's tweet sparked a conversation on the internet that left many women asking what that even means. We heard terms like "wifey material" from guys describing an ideal woman, but what qualifies a man deserving of the wife now.

We asked men who are single, dating and in relationships to weigh in on what it means to be "wife ready":

  1. "Definitely has to be prepared for monogamy"

    "For a guy to be wife ready, he definitely has to be prepared for monogamy or at least find a woman he is willing to entertain the idea for, that’s first. Next, he needs to be:

    -Be financially stable

    -Emotionally intelligent

    -Open and honest

    A lot of the issues men face when being deemed as husband material or in this case, "wife ready" usually means fidelity, monetary issues, or compatibility. In Stevie J's case, we know his problem is fidelity, and he has this rep of a playboy and such. So, of course, women will take him a joke when he tweeted that!” -Ike, 22, Dating

  2. "You aren’t annoyed with being around her daily"

    “I believe when it comes to a point when a man is thinking of the future with her. I also believe during the time where she becomes your best friend, and you aren’t annoyed with being around her daily.” -Frank, 29, Single


  3. "When you meet the right woman you just know"

    “When you meet the right woman you just know, often times we will look past a lot of flaws when the right boxes are checked. Which that is different for every single man. She will walk and talk on ways that speak directly to him. She will catch him by surprise. Often times you won’t believe that you’re lucky enough to enjoy such a beautiful soul that you just know you must marry her. She must rock your name. She will be the best part of you.” -Al L., 33, Long-term Relationship


  4. "When the man becomes washed up, and only a wife will love him"

    “When they’re tired of sleeping around and living the bachelor life. In Stevie’s case, when the man becomes washed up and only a wife will love him. Eventually that Derek Jeter/George Clooney gets tiring and lonely. When he finds the one that he can’t lose, it becomes time to hang it up.” -Ramond, 30, Engaged


  5. "Honestly can’t tell you what that is. Single AF!"

    "Honestly can’t tell you what that is. I’m not even wife ready. The right woman might come, idk about anything else. Single AF!" -Rob, 25, Single


  6. "Financial stability"

    "I believe what qualifies a guy as wife ready is one who has financial stability, is willing and able to be committed and faithful for the rest of their life, and understands the dynamics of a marriage." -Al S., 26, Single


  7. "Only time will tell when a man is ready"

    "I think that something people grow into. Making a statement is only words. Only time will tell when a man is ready; not him!" -Raymone, 35, Dating


  8. "He sees the opportunity to build something bigger than himself"

    “Taking up a wife happens for two reasons. 1) You are inexplicably in love with another human being, and you thrive off of the desire to live with feminine energy and make a family. Or 2) He sees the opportunity to build something bigger than himself and can only accomplish it with a life partner. The former can be the latter, but the latter is not interested in the former.” -Marcus, 35, Single


  9. “Lifestyle goals matches"

    "That is a difficult topic for me to chime in. I’m wife ready when a partner I find lifestyle goals matches mine." -Drew, 31, In a relationship


  10. "When you know you that '10%' is not good enough anymore"

    "When the h--es are entertainment and don’t move you the way your potential wife can. When you know you that '10%' is not good enough anymore. The 90/10 rule." -Billy, 27, In a relationship


  11. "A man is 'wife ready' when he feels at peace with himself"

    "I think a man is 'wife ready' when he feels at peace with himself, alone. He is secure and has reached a point of self-love and a state of happiness. That being said, I think that makes him ready to be with someone but finding a wife is just something that happens. I think it’s hard to just say as a blank statement I am ready to fully commit myself to another human that’s something that u just feel and evolved. Also, Steve was a dog which like live your life but unfortunately perception is a reality so although u may be ready, the dating word may not be ready for you." -Luis, 24, Dating


  12. "When he is comfortable with who he is"

    "When he is comfortable with who he is,  knows the roles he will take as a provider and a protector. He has standards for what he wants in a wife and doesn't compromise over those standards. And my personal opinion is to have a spiritual foundation. For me it's God. Finally, I think a man is 'wife ready' once he established all of these things and implement goals that they can achieve together once he is married. When they strive for something together, it'll create a unity that in my opinion will keep that marriage together forever." -Jeremy, 31, Married


  13. "After he strips away his insecurities"

    "A man is qualified 'wife ready' after he strips away his insecurities. Once he’s ready to let go of the 'bachelor' lifestyle. Has worked on himself as an individual and should also be prepared to not only focus on himself but being able to put another person (woman) before him. Being able to trust himself and also the woman. Also being able to open up and share your life with her." -Rashad, 30, Single


  14. "When you’re just plain tired of playing the 'game'"

    "When you’re just plain tired of playing the 'game,' or you find someone who complements you, your goals, you want to create and build with, that would be a reason to be wife ready. But the alternative would be to find a freak that you can’t let go, and you live happily ever after without a wife."-Allen, 32, Dating


  15. "Ready to start building a life with someone and stop being in the streets"

    "When a man feel like they’re finally ready to start building a life with someone and stop being in the streets. The right person will make you respect and love quality versus quantity. They will also make you see a future you never knew was possible for yourself." -Kesean, 32, In a relationship


  16. "When he can afford a ring"

    "For me, I had to be financially stable first. Me and my wife been married for five years, but dated ten years before. I knew I loved her and was ready for her to be my wife years before we got engaged, but i couldn't afford a wife at the time. So I would say when he can afford a ring." -Joel, 31, Married


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