20-Year-Old Chronicles: When My Parents Found Out About My Sex Life

Seems that Kara and Lee have been having "the talk" with their kids these days. Check out how real life 20-something year olds got caught.

    “My mother had a dream that one of my siblings had fallen in a hole in our backyard and somehow my dad interpreted that as me falling into sexual sin. I got a phone call from him later that day.” — Candice Grevious

  2. Mama Knows

    “My mother was cleaning my room and found a condom wrapper on the floor of my room. She asked me if I was active and when I told her no she threw a flip-flop at my head. That’s the end of that story.” — Osar Pat

  3. Thanks, Doc

    “I was sitting with my mother at the doctor's office. I wasn’t expecting the doctor to ask me about my sex life, but when she did, me and my mom stared at each other awkwardly. I just admitted it and my mom proceeded to yell, ‘Put this girl on birth control!'” — Millie Toro

  4. Wash day

    “My mom was cleaning my bed sheets and found candle wax. Yup, that’s right, candle wax is how my mother found out I was sexually active. She proceeded to yell at me and 'til this day still does.” — Ian Newton


    “My father thought I was a lesbian and always got on my case about it. When I became pregnant, well, then he understood my sexual orientation and my intimate life was pretty much self explanatory.” — Veronica Acosta

  6. The pill

    “For whatever reason, I left my birth control on the kitchen counter. When my mother asked me why I had it, I responded that it was sample pack. Totally forgot that I was halfway through the pack already, so that lie didn’t work out so well.” — May D.

  7. How Could You?!

    “My mother asked my boyfriend and he told her the truth. I just couldn’t believe he did that. When I asked him, he didn’t even deny it. The deed was done!” — Tifanny Ervin

  8. Honey, I'm Home

    “We thought my partner's parents weren’t home. I hid in the closet and when his dad got to his room, he opened the closet and found me. THEN, his parents called my mother to tell her what happened. #embarassing.” — Yakira Young


  9. Animal Planet

    “We were watching Animal Planet. These two animals were mating and it was already an awkward moment to watch with a parent. When my mother proceeded to have the sex talk, I said, ‘I know’. LOL, that’s when she knew.” — Dianna Lomagro

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