Nina Parker Is “Forever Evolving,” Talks About Her New Netflix Show, Favorite Housewives Franchise, and Her Greatest Strength

In this exclusive chat, the Nightly Pop host also shares who she’d love to rock items from her plus-size collection.

From TMZ to VH1 to E! News and now a fashionista — Nina Parker continues to elevate in her career and is reaching higher levels with each bag she continues to secure. So unapologetically herself, this inspiration to many is showing the world you can be successful by being your true, authentic self.

The Nightly Pop host secured another bag while pumping out a new collection for her plus-size line and has been announced as the host for the upcoming Netflix series called Buy My House which focuses solely on selling your house giving regular 9-5′ers a taste of the real-estate action themselves.

The series will follow homeowners who will tell the story of their homes and show off the unique quirks of their homes as they aim to sell their properties to one of four larger-than-life real estate tycoons.

In this interview, the host chatted with about the new business deal, dating in LA You worked at TMZ and Insider in your early beginnings to now on E!. How has the landscape of media changed in your opinion and what’s the best part about it for you?

Nina Parker: It’s changed tremendously. I honestly feel like now is a great time to be in media, because digital is so prevalent and everything. The way people get their news is digitally, you watch TV to see a face. If it's entertainment news, you're watching because of who's delivering it and if you want to hear their opinion on it. I don't feel like anybody is watching TV right now to get any new information — you're watching because you either like the people or the camaraderie like on Nightly Pop. I feel like people [Nightly Pop] because they enjoy watching Morgan, Hunter, and I — not necessarily because they know they're gonna get breaking news because, by that time, you've seen the stories we're covering three times over. I think people genuinely were getting breaking news from an outlet on TV, and they'd have to wait until prime time to get their favorite story on their screen. What I do like about digital, especially for new and upcoming reporters, is that it gives you an opportunity to give your voice and have outlets see you in a way where they may not have been able to have access to you before. You, Morgan, and Hunter are such a great trio. What do you think the ingredient is that makes you all flow so well?

Parker: I will say it's probably a little luck because I've been on ensemble shows before and you don't always click with everybody. As a team, we had our moments and we all have very different work ethics, right? We all work differently. I think once we accepted that with each other, we really started to thrive. When you go into something and you want to work a certain way, you assume everybody does it that way and when they don’t, you start to think are they doing what they're supposed to be doing? You have to understand that not everybody needs the same thing that I need to be prepared to be on camera. Once you understand that, and you let that go, everybody feels comfortable thriving. Also, we have that mutual respect for each other and we all genuinely like each other, too. We don't have any issues or drama outside of like, brother and sister type of stuff where it's nothing major so it makes it very light. Out of all the networks and publications you’ve contributed for, which one gave you the best tools and the biggest lessons that helped you get to where you are today?

Parker: TMZ for sure — I can’t fault that process.  I was very young when I started there as I was still in my 20s and it was my first TV job in L.A. that was a national television program that was airing in homes all over the world. For me, that was a game changer for my work ethic because I don't think I had ever worked that hard before. I was doing 12-hour days, six days a week and it really made me realize how I had to be great, not good. I let go of some of the immature things that I did in my lifestyle like staying out late, and going to clubs — I had to give up something to thrive. I had to figure out what my priority was and doing that kind of allowed me to figure out what kind of successful person I want to be? You made the Essence list for one of the 124 top Black women in does it feel to earn that recognition?

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Parker: It's always good coming from people who look like you. This [Industry? Game? What? is a very thankless business.s a host, you're not gonna get an award for your acting, right? Of course, there's [the] Emmys, but for the most part, hosting can be a thankless job where no news is good news. If I did a job and nobody said anything, then I know I did okay. If you get notes back then usually you messed up on something. It's nice to be recognized by your peers and by people who make you feel seen because I put everything I have into my work and I do it because I love it. It is nice to be acknowledged for the hard work, too. clothing line, The Nina Parker Collection at Macy’s’, is making a massive impact with women everywhere strutting their stuff in your creation. Is there someone who wore your wares that shocked you? Is there anyone that you'd love to see wearing it in the near future?

Parker: She wasn’t wearing but she did a video about it — Octavia Spencer. She did a video about the clothing line and said she wanted to do a fashion show and that she loved the clothes and [laughs] I was like, ‘Oscar winner Octavia?’  I didn’t expect it and I literally got tagged in it. That was the biggest shock because there are people who I just gift and I’ll send stuff to them. It’s not guaranteed they’ll post anything because they don’t have to but I never expected her to do a video so that was the most surprising.

Parker: I would love to see Lizzo in one of my pieces. I know she’s focused on her Yitty line but I would love her in some of the clothes. Most of the people I want to see in it I’ve already connected with them or their teams. I love seeing everyday people in the clothes, really kill it, and tag me so I can see how they style them. It’s been a beautiful progression to see. How are you looking to expand moving forward?

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Parker: People have been inquiring about a men’s line and shapewear. I really do want to focus on giving the plus-size girlies the love they deserve and really perfect this line before I do anything else. People don’t realize how hard it is to do one item and I’m releasing 10-14 items a month for the plus-size collection. It’s not easy to add another genre onto that. I want to give the women the options they deserve which will ultimately lead to expansion. You’ve mentioned many times on Nightly Pop how one of your favorite pastimes is looking at houses on Zillow. Now you’re the host of a show called Buy My House where people are selling their homes to real estate tycoons. How does it feel to know you basically manifested this opportunity?

Parker: I really wasn’t throwing any hints as it is my favorite pastime [laughs]. I believe in manifestation and speaking things out loud. I’m also trying to show people I can do more than just entertainment news. This is a fun project to be a part of and have something tangible to watch as we are all obsessed with home. This is something I'm super excited about and I think it'll be a fun, fun family watch for everybody. Shifting to the love department, you've mentioned your love for Chris Evans. Have you shot your shot yet at The Gray Man, Nina?

Parker: I haven’t seen him in person and I know he has 50 million DMs, so you'll need to help me find a creative way to shoot my shot [laughs]. Or I’ll walk my dog past his house… [Laughs] We’ll figure it out.  You share your opinions and report on the Real Housewives, but would you ever join the series if the opportunity presented itself?

Parker: I would never do reality TV as that is not my ministry. I am not built for that. I’m also a very private person. I’ve had friends who’ve done it and you’ll see me in the background but I have no desire to put my personal life out there to be scrutinized and judged. What would you say is your greatest strength and is there anything else on your bucket list you want to accomplish.

Parker: My greatest strength is my work ethic because I made the decision that nobody is going to outwork me. I’m going to take these opportunities and I’m going to work. I like creating and working. If I work with you, I’m going to show up. I’m going to make sure I'm on time and I’m well researched. You won’t have to go looking for me. As far as my bucket list, I don’t really talk about that [laughs]. I like to keep things close but I will say I’m forever evolving. Evolution is really important and I will continue to do that.

As we wait for Buy My House to appear on Netflix, you can catch Parker Monday-Thursday on E! Nightly Pop at 11:30 PM ET/PT on E!. 

Ty Cole is a New York-based entertainment reporter and writer for who covers pop culture, music, and lifestyle. Follow his latest musings on Twitter @IamTyCole.

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