INTERVIEW: Influencer Ariana Fletcher Chats About Her Inclusive Makeup Line That Promotes Self-Confidence!

Plus, she reveals what she's most excited about for the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards!

Macro influencer turned serial entrepreneur Ariana Fletcher, synonymously hailed as @therealkylesister has become one of the most influential of them all, utilizing her social media presence to help brands make millions and in turn, made herself into a multi-millionaire.

Known for her exotic beauty, Ari has utilized her Instagram presence to influence a world of beauty lovers and trendsetters by forging her own path in the industry by launching her new, all-inclusive beauty brand, REMEDY BY ARI.

Fueled by her insatiable belief in the power of beauty and self-care, REMEDY BY ARI represents the influencer's personal remedy to beat bad days and promote self-confidence. spoke with Ari about her new beauty venture. Read the entire interview below. 

(Photo by SK Visions)

What inspired you to release a makeup line?

Ariana Fletcher: I've always been a super beauty girl into makeup and glam. And I wanted to launch my glosses first because I'm super particular about having gloss all the time. Like I always have to have lip-gloss on hand, my purse is filled up with a million lip-glosses all the time. So, I wanted to launch lip-glosses first. I have always been into makeup. I do a lot of photoshoots and am always at a lot of events, and I always have makeup. I know exactly what I like when it comes to my makeup. And I just feel like I can share that with other women.

Who is the Remedy Girl?

AF: 'Remedy' is my perfect fix for makeup. It's everything that I love. The lip-glosses and the signature palette are my perfect little fix for makeup that I just feel is perfect for everybody.

What is your favorite item in the collection? Why?

AF: Right now, I have a gloss called “The Don.” And I like to pair it with “Souffle,” the lip liner. I also have a brand-new favorite that I just received today called “Pink Matter.” We're gonna launch this one next week. Those are my absolute favorites right now.  I love all of the products, of course, but those are the top go-to items that I will freak out if it's not in my bag.

If the girls were to choose one item from the collection, which should it be?

AF: We have a clear gloss that goes with everything. “Barely There” was one of the top ones to sell out. I wasn’t sure if people were going to like it, but it was the very first gloss to sell out! So, I think that a great one to buy. I absolutely love the glosses, they are infused with shea butter, and all of the products are vegan. 

(Photo by SK Vision)

Will you be branching out into skincare?

AF: Oh yeah, absolutely! We started working on skincare immediately. We already have products that we're testing out now. And I'm hoping to drop the skincare next year, maybe the first quarter of the year, hopefully. I just want to find the perfect products! 

You know people don't play with their skin. But I want women to know too that in order to have a flawless foundation as far as your makeup, you have to have good skin– get your pores right. Your skin must be good before you put your makeup on. And I'm dropping makeup wipes, too. It’s so important to take that makeup off before you go to bed.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, what does a self-care day look like for you?

AF: Well, I have my schedule. It's pretty laid out for me each day. Every day is different, but we’re in the office every single day working, and of course, I get to spend large amounts of time with my baby now because I'm in the office and at home a lot more. 

What advice do you have for women who may be struggling with self-confidence?

AF: First of all, you’re beautiful! Second of all, shop with Remedy so you can feel even more beautiful and get even more self-confidence! I think that women should just feel free. I have my bad days too, but just love yourself. We are all beautiful and unique in our own way. So don't worry too much, ladies. 

The BET HHA will be back in Atlanta this year, are you looking forward to seeing any artists in particular?

AF: Of course, I'm looking forward to seeing my man, MoneyBaggYo perform.

Do you have a favorite HHA moment in recent history?

AF: There are no favorite moments per se, but I am super excited for this year's BET Hip Hop Awards. Every year, I always look forward to a great show that represents the culture.

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