Real Life or FANtasies? Share Your Crazy, Awkward, Funny or Amazing Celebrity Encounters

It can be so exciting meeting your favorite celebs — or even cringeworthy. Tell us about your most embarrassing, wild, awkward, hilarious, exciting time interacting with a celeb you love or hate.

Ran into one of your favorite celebs on the street or even backstage at a concert and got their digits? Or did you meet your celeb crush and were completely embarrassed because you were at a loss for words? Or perhaps you cut school to catch your favorite artist perform in concert and you somehow managed to meet them personally? Well, now it's your chance to let us know how it all went down.

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Hello BET!!! OMG!!! I'm so EXCITED for this opportunity. Well, first of all, I'm  blessed to be a publicist, so I can meet celebrities on just about any given day as a part of my journey in life!! But I'd have to say that meeting actor/singer/heartthrob "TANK" has been, BY FAR, my greatest accomplishment in life!! 
I have been listening to his music since 2001, when he came out with his first album, "Force of Nature"! So, when he got the chance to come to my hometown, Dallas, in 2014 for a "Road to Essence Festival" event, I jumped at the chance to meet him. I can honestly say that I wasn't nervous or anything. He is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities that I have ever met!! Laced with his silver chain, earrings and bracelet, he definitely brought a show that I will never forget. Unfortunately, he wasn't wearing a tank top that day, which was hard to believe, seeing that it was May and hot. It wasn't actually summer yet, but if you know Texas weather, it can be as hot as ever, even in May.

Well, it was at a Walmart and he took center stage on the outside, where they had formed a platform and such for the artists to be on. While most gathered near the front of the stage to see him, I made sure I was right at the entrance table for the meet/greet. We had already been given a heads up by security on where to stand if he decided to take pics. Sure enough, he took pics and passed out posters to as many as he could!!! I was so blessed to see this man!!! I NEVER in a million years, dreamed that this would happen for a city girl like me. I mean, I had heard of things like this happening, but to me, it seemed like it was something that would be too good to be true and DEFINITELY out of my reach!!!! After 13 years though, my DREAM became a REALITY!!! Since then, I have gone on to meet many other celebrities!! My encouragement to anyone who wants to meet a celebrity and are in public relations - do your research, plug into media outlets in your city, and put yourself out there!!! You just never know what may happen!! Keep it friendly and have fun while doing it!!!!


My dirty 30 bday last year I went to see Chris Brown at Drai’s, as usual. And a lot of people know every time I go see him I’m always in front row, and somehow he always sings to me. But on that day he was giving me so much love like he knew it was my bday and money was flying on the stage and he kicked some money to me and I was just super excited that I was getting all this attention and he didn’t even know it was my bday. Then when he went to his VIP section after performing, someone was yelling out it was my bday and he said, "happy birthday." Every time I meet Breezy or go to one of his shows it’s always good vibes and he’s always a sweetheart. If you haven’t seen him live, it’s a must. He puts his heart out there, and he’s super nice.


My crazy celeb encounter, I think, that probably tops it off out of all the celebs I ever met, is when I met Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child. When she came to my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, to the 2015 Black Expo, I really wouldn't have met her, because I had arrived as soon as the meet and greet with her was over and had said to myself, "Aww man, I just missed her!"

But as I was walking in the building of the event, I saw a ton of security surrounding and bombarding her (fast paced walking down a hall), so I quietly followed behind them and then one noticed me as soon as they got to the turn of the exit, and I yelled, "Michelle," in a loud voice over security, and everyone stopped ... she paused and looked at me and smiled, and gave me about 15 to 30 seconds of her time, as she was in a hurry. I couldn't believe it. I was so nervous because it really was an unexpected moment. I asked if she could please hold on, I had my bag and started fumbling through it as I pulled out three albums of Destiny's Child, she signed all three of them. Even got me a pic.

I was speechless annd caught off guard by the sudden, unexpected moment, but enjoyed it the best way I could, cause I knew it would be a priceless memory. I said to myself, this would be the closest that I would ever probably get to Beyonce! 


When I first interned for a local TV station, we had an event in San Francisco to cover. We were given a program of all the people that we were gonna interview. I wanted BJ The Chicago Kid, but I ended up getting Jay Ellis. At that time, I was like, I've heard of that name, but I just thought he was some music producer. So, I got ready for the event and the interview that I was scheduled to conduct on live television. And we all had to wait in a line to conduct the interviews with these special guests. So when it was my turn, I was nervous, of course. But as soon as I entered the room, [I realized] Jay Ellis was the guy from the two hit shows The Game and Insecure. I got butterflies in my stomach because I wasn't really prepared to interview a major HBO actor. And he was really nice and made me feel comfortable as I interviewed him. Plus, he was a really chill dude. 😁


I went to NYC to see Kandi Burruss on Broadway. A few weeks before my trip, Kandi posted a picture of herself with this HUGE bear on IG. I fell in love with the [toy] bear and I asked her where she took the picture. She responded that she couldn't remember the name of the store but it's in NYC. So my friend Maurice and I started Googling, and he found the location. I took the same exact picture. After the Broadway show, I had the opportunity to meet Kandi, and she asked me to post and tag her in the picture. She gave me and hundreds of people who started taking pics with the bear shoutouts. She called the hunt "#FindKandiBear." Check out her IG, FB, and my encounter with her on FB at TheLasonyaMoore.

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