City Girls Says Men Should Financially Provide For Women

The rap duo spoke candidly about relationship requirements.

Miami hip hop duo City Girls have carved out a lane for themselves with their braggadocious rap songs. Often their most popular singles feature lyrics about finessing men for the finer things in life. 

When JT and Yung Miami appeared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast on Tuesday (Aug. 18) where they candidly discussed relationships, love, and sex. While they were on the show, the rappers advocated for getting what they want from men with confidence.

  • Both shared that if they’re dating someone, they expect to receive gifts or for their grooming needs to be taken care of. Though, Yung Miami shared that she thought differently when she was younger. 

    “I used to be scared ’cause I ain’t want nobody to feel like I was needy or I ain’t have nothing goin’ or I was just a leech. Or if they ask,  I’m like ‘No, I’m okay,’ but really need it. But now, I’m to the point where straight up, I’m grown. Everybody need help, she said. “If they really f**k with you, it ain’t no problem.”

  • Unlike Yung Miami, JT said she never had a problem with getting what she wanted from a guy, even when they were younger. She boasted about a high school classmate who bought her a car with his income tax check.

    “When I was younger I was the total opposite. I was so demanding and mean. I swear to God,” she told the hosts.  “A boy bought me an Altima coupe with his income tax, and I never even let him get in my car. We went to school together and he swore to God he was gonna get a ride in this car. I tricked him into getting me a car, and he couldn’t get a ride in the car.”

    When asked if she felt any remorse about the situation, JT said no. “He just really infatuated. I’m telling y’all, ladies, it’s guys out here that will be infatuated with you,” she said.

  • Even though she might no longer need the assistance due to the rap duo’s present success, Yung Miami maintains that whomever you’re seriously involved with should provide for you, regardless.

    “If you really like somebody, they should already be doing for you anyway. Period. They should be gifting you. They should be paying the bill. Something. And I had to learn that,” she continued. “Sometimes n****s just be wanting to f**k you. And then other [dudes] that’s really into you, they want to see you doing better. They want to see you with nice things. So it all just depends on the situation. That’s why I say, you should just get help from whoever you're talking to.”

    Check out the City Girl’s full appearance on the Lip Service podcast below:

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