Tupac’s Death Is A Cold Case For Police, But Not For Hip-Hop Fans

Here's how 2017 proved it.


September 7, 1996, marked a day of mourning for hip-hop when West Coast icon, social activist, voice of the streets and hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur was shot and fatally succumbed to his injuries days later. The investigation following his death, and what should have been a promise from police to bring justice to the 25-year-old, brought update after update on possible leads to the culprit(s) responsible for his death. But police failed to give friends, family and fans any real answers.

In 2017, Suge Knight, Pac’s Death Row boss and longtime affiliate, reportedly answered the most important one: Who murdered Tupac Shakur? BET Digital picked up Suge’s alleged claim in a news article titled, “After 21 Years, Suge Knight Finally Reveals The Two People Who Killed Tupac Shakur.” With over six million engagements from online readers worldwide, the breaking report landed a spot at No. 53 on Chartbeat’s Top 100 Most Engaging Stories of 2017.

But those numbers are far more than just bragging rights for the digital and print publications occupying the list, including The New York Times, CNN, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ Style. Instead, this digital crowd proves that Tupac’s reign is still relevant, his justice is still owed, and until the cold case of his 1996 murder is put to rest, hip-hop won’t lie down either.

Revisit some of this year’s developments on the life, times and untimely death of Tupac Shakur to determine how close (or far) the rap world is to finally solving his murder once and for all.

  1. The BMW Pac was shot in went up for sale

  2. And 3 sheets-worth of his lyrics followed closely behind...

    The handwritten lyrics of his matriarchal celebratory "Dear Mama," made specially for the beloved, late Afeni Shakur, went for $25,000 per sheet.

  3. Pac's Hall of Fame induction is appointed to longtime friend and fellow West Coast emcee legend Snoop Dogg

    West friend, best friend goals.  

  4. Suge Knight reportedly gave hip-hop fans an answer to the burning question that fans have searched after for 21 years: the two people responsible for his murder

  5. A former Blood gang member had someone else in mind as the culprit behind Pac's death, however...

    James McDonald blamed Pac's murder on his hotheaded nature and the Crips gang member Pac physically fought just moments before his fatal shooting, Orlando Anderson.

  6. But comedian Faizon Love claims to know the one living person who could have prevented it all: Snoop Dogg

    Faizon believes due to Snoop's Crip ties, he should have been the one to help reconcile Pac's tension with the blue flag bearers, though Pac never claimed neither Blood nor Crip territory. 

  7. And Naughty By Nature's Treach knew who to cancel out of the murder suspect equation: Pac's fallen rap rival, Notorious B.I.G.

    After all, Treach reasons, Biggie had too much love for Pac despite their fall out.  

  8. Then there was the possiblity that Pac himself revealed the shooter that claimed his life...

    But police conspirators may be to blame for why the revelation would never see the light of day if it were true.

  9. Suge Knight dropped a bombshell that Pac may be alive

    Well, at least that's what seemed to be the case from Pac's hospital bed.

  10. A never-before-seen photo of Pac and Nas proved that he may not have had as many enemies as it seemed

    Especially not in the Queens family.

  11. But his nude photo that went up for auction surely proved that he was as audacious as everyone remembered him to be

    Even if those memories did require his friends to cover their eyes from time to time.

  12. The loose end still keeping fans hanging from a thread? The discovered murder weapon used to fatally murder Pac, and is now another missing piece of the Tupac murder mystery puzzle...

    Especially now that police have "misplaced" it.


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