Suge Knight Reveals The Truth About Rumors That He Ordered Tupac's Murder In New Documentary

“Everybody got what they wanted that night..."

Former Death Row Records CEO and recent murder convict Suge Knight is becoming more and more candid on his late rap protégé and hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur as the years go on.

After reportedly unmasking the two people directly responsible for taking Pac’s life in a signed affidavit and hinting at a possible faked death, Suge sat down with film director Antoine Fuqua to take him back to that fateful night of September 1996. The new documentary, titled American Dream/American Knightmare, chronicles the life, times, rise and fall of the most dangerous man in hip-hop. But of course, what would a Suge Knight documentary be without a conversation on the night he witnessed the murder of his close friend and Death Row Records prodigy? Suge walks Fuqua through the most disquieting details of that night by driving through the strip where it all went down, and this time, shares his side of the conspiracy theory and long-standing rumor that he orchestrated the murder on account of Pac’s planned departure from Death Row Records.

  • As reported in an in-depth overview of the documentary from ‘Ambrosia for Heads,’ Suge’s comments are included in a series of interviews that Fuqua curated for the documentary

    They were all conducted before his 28-year prison sentence, AFH further states. Around the one-hour mark, the Compton-native discusses how “everybody got what they wanted that night,” which started at the Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon championship boxing match at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand. “People got to see [Mike] Tyson knock a motherf**ker out,” AFH reports of his statement. “When you see a Tyson fight, you’re going to see grown men fight. So maybe that’s probably the reason that got us all f**ked up and in a lot of sh** from fight night.” Knight reportedly went on to explain how that domino effect resulted in Pac’s assault on alleged Crips member Orlando Anderson, who was allegedly responsible for snatching the chain from the neck of a Death Row Records associate prior to the altercation.

  • Knight goes on to detail the conflict with security that aided in the positioning of the shooter’s vehicle, which targeted Pac and Knight’s BMW at nearly point-blank range

    From the driver’s seat, Suge was instructed by security to switch lanes. “As I proceed to get over, the other car comes right there, which is the Cadillac,” he explained. “When the [men inside] the Cadillac start to shoot, Pac get hit. I pulls him down; I get hit in the head. Bam! When I pull him down, bam! I get hit in the head. When I get hit in the head, I immediately look up. When I look up, I seen him—you know—the motherf***er with fear in his b**ch-ass eyes. Like sh**, he felt like sh**…he done got him a trophy. Like he done that.”

    Suge recalled a rather facetious attitude from Pac after the shooting, citing his humorously insulting comment to police for needing help removing him from the luxury vehicle. Echoing his previous sentiments, Suge said Pac was actually in good spirits post-shooting, and didn’t appear to be in any fatal condition as they made their way to the hospital.

  • Even still, rumors and conspiracies spiraled out of control that Suge had more to do with the shooting than he let on

    AFH reports that Fuqua directly asked Suge about them, to which he answered that “outsider’s opinion—doesn’t matter, because [it is] opinion.”

    “What kind of [man] gonna turn around and say, ‘Hey…shoot him, and shoot me in the head twice when I cover him up,’? I’m the only person who took a loss when Pac moved on.” AFH reports that Knight pulled over thereafter and unexpectedly began to vomit off-camera.

    Those sentiments also held true for Suge with regard to Pac’s wish to leave Death Row. According to him, such reports that Pac’s plan to separate from the label prompted Suge’s orchestration of the murder only comes from those who “feared Tupac and saw him as competition,” AFH described of his statement. He even named famed music producer Jimmy Iovine for some sketchy commentary hinting at the theory after Pac’s death. He recalled the Brooklyn-native boasting that “you can’t beat a dead man’s sales!” and saluting Suge for hitting “the jackpot” in light of the murder.

  • Check out the official trailer for American Dream/American Knightmare below and catch the full documentary on Showtime.

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