Ranking The Most Memorable Villains From The Oval

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The first season of Tyler Perry’s The Oval was action-packed with twists, turns, sex, lies, murder, and plenty of villains who kept us want wanting more. From The First Family to the White House staff, nearly everyone could qualify as a villain. Everybody has secrets or is connected to a secret that can threaten the Office of the Presidency, ruin their family, or send them to the slammer for a long time.
Even those characters who seem harmless, when you give a closer look, have some villain in them too. By covering up the truth to save themselves, in The Oval, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between who’s the hero and who’s the mischief maker. It could be anybody!
To get you ready for the craziness that’s sure to take place in season two, we at ranked The Top Villains From The Oval.
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*Spoiler Alert

  • 10. Mother Maude

    If you’re wondering why Victoria is such a handful, she gets it from her mama. Maude has an undeniable evil aura. From the moment we first meet her on screen, we discover The First Lady is the apple who didn’t fall far from the tree. Mrs. Maude's thirst for power and disdain for her daughter and grandchildren (“these things you call children” to use her words) makes her one of The Oval’s top villains.

  • 9. Ellie Lyles

    She may appear innocent but she’s is far from it. The newest Press Secretary got her job because her resume was perfect for the sexual desires of President Franklin (That’s why First Lady Victoria smacked her). She went from intern to the corner office by ousting her former boss, Diane Wilmont. When Diane spilled the beans to the press core about The President and Denise, Ellie went to the mic cool, calm, and collected, blaming Diane’s outburst on her mental instability. Now that’s a true villain.

  • 8. Denise Truesdale

    When you get it on with the POTUS in The Oval Office, you have villain written all over you. Denise Truesdale, the Presidential sidepiece has to make the list because she is at the center of everything. As President Franklin's mistress, she had no problem being a villain. After creeping around President Franklin and getting intoxicated, Mr. President found her decapitated. YIKES! She meets a violent end that and even in death her villainy is still affecting the entire White House.

  • 7. Nancy Hallsen

    This may be a surprising entry to some so let us explain: While Nancy came off like a "good" Christian mother and wife throughout much of the first season, she took the leap and became a villain by dropping a bombshell on her husband, Richard. When Nancy tells Richard that Picky is not her nephew but her son, it was a game-changer. Richard can’t stand her now and her judgmental attitude toward Barry makes her a complete hypocrite and yes, villain.

  • 6. Kyle Flint

    Kyle Flint, a devoted Secret Service soldier, is easily one of the top villains of The Oval. In fact, he’s a complete jerk and will do anything to get what he wants. He has manipulated his way into the President’s inner circle, covering up the murder of Denise, and he’s been doing the most ever since. From setting up Linda Winthrop so he could out her husband, his down-low lover Donald Winthrop, to killing Max and Yuma, he’s a villain and he loves it.

  • 5. Gayle Franklin

    She’s rude, stubborn, and ungrateful. The First Daughter Gayle Franklin is evil as hell. In the first episode, she accuses Barry of rape, setting the stage for the kind of deception she is capable of. Who would sneak out of The White House in the trunk of a car to meet their drug dealer boyfriend? Gayle, that’s who. When she hired an attorney in an attempt to emancipate herself from her family, her villain status became official.

  • 4. First Lady Victoria

    No one thrives in the role of the villain quite like FLOTUS Victoria. She loves being the enemy and wielding her power over The White House staff and her family. She hates the POTUS and looks at her children with disgust. But her true villainy comes out by sexually harassing Sam Owen, the head of the Secret Service. Without a doubt, she is one of the best villains on The Oval.

  • 3. The Highest

    When you’re the leader of a sex-crazed cult who kidnaps children, you have checked every villain box. The Highest, who reigns supreme over the Rakudushis cult, has manipulated so many under his power. The brainwashing is real. Ruth Truesdale, twin sister of Denise Truesdale, is a devoted member of the cult and she took her daughter Callie away from Barry and his parents to be with them. Wild! In spite of his calm demeanor, The Highest is a sexual sadist and uses drugs to keep his followers obedient.

  • 2. Jason Franklin

    Jason went from a creepy yet seemingly harmless kid to a vicious murdering rapist as he evolved into a supervillain over the course of the season. We shouldn’t have been surprised when Jason went over the edge by raping and killing Jane. You could see it coming. He was giving off perverted vibes by walking around The White House naked and watching all kinds of debauchery on his laptop in public. But he went to another level with his brutal actions that have taken him down a path where there is no return.

  • 1. President Hunter Franklin

    The number one villain of The Oval should not be a shocker. The villain of all villains has to be President Hunter Franklin. Everything that went wrong in season one, including the murder of Denise, goes back to him. When he was smacking around Victoria in episode one, you knew this dude was no good. He despises his wife, neglects his children, is a reckless Commander-in-Chief, and can’t wait to bring the next sidepiece in for a session in The Oval Office. President Hunter Franklin has sold his soul for power just like a real villain would.

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