See What 18 Real Men Had To Say About Teyana Taylor’s Three-Way Confession

“Teyana is a unicorn. Don’t believe the hype.”

When Teyana Taylor oiled up her goddess-like body and humped the floor barely dressed in Kanye West’s Fade video, every man, and even some women, were like “DAMN Ma!” In a recent interview, the sultry wife of Iman Shumpert revealed some juicy deets about their sex life, mainly them indulging in occasional three-ways in the bedroom!

In my opinion, Teyana went from #baeGoals to #wifeGoals after dropping her gems for spicing up the bedroom while married. But some women weren’t here for Teyana's delight in random ménage moments, but she didn’t give a damn.


We wanted to hear how real men really felt about adding a third person to the bedroom with their partner. Did Teyana just shed light on a new normal in relationships? 

Here's what they had to say:


  1. “An out of the country adventure”

    “I'm down for it on a ‘special occasion’ kind of circumstance, not our regular sexual routine. Like an out the country adventure where the likelihood we will meet again is slim to none.” -Scott, 28


  2. “I am too territorial”

    “Not into them. I am too territorial. And my girl gets jealous and is crazy.” -Bryan, 30


  3. “Don’t believe the hype”

    “My girl would legit cut my d—k off if I even asked her about bringing another woman in that house. Teyana is a unicorn. Don’t believe the hype.” -Ricky, 26


  4. “Set some guidelines”

    “I don’t have an issue with having a threesome, but definitely got to set some guidelines that we both would be cool with." -Deonee, 26


  5. “Definitely not letting outside folks into my marriage”

    “I’m NOT with it. I don’t even play like that. It is said not to let outside people into your business. So, I am definitely not letting outside folks into marriage or my bedroom.” -Barry, 38


  6. “Nothing wrong with adding an accessory”

    “If both partners are ok with it, then they should definitely explore it together. Nothing wrong with adding an accessory for the night.” -Ramond, 31


  7. “Girls only”

    “Personally it was always a fantasy of mine, with girls only, mainly because I really love women and I enjoy promiscuous intimacy, but it will never happen for me. If my wife is down for it, then I am all in for it. With GIRLS ONLY!

    I prefer it to be some stranger to avoid lust and awkward moments afterward. It definitely has to be a mutual agreement about having threesomes, as well as deciding on the person you choose. And fellas, make sure the woman brings it up to avoid being stereotyped. Notice Teyana brought this up, not Iman. Stay woke!” -Jeremy, 26


  8. “Maybe if it was Beyoncé”

    “My lady wouldn’t be down for this. Well, maybe if it was Beyoncé. I think only if it’s Beyoncé. She would be down for Beyoncé. Teyana is cool, but we need Beyoncé and her money to make this happen.” -Chris, 24


  9. “My girlfriend isn’t that cool”

    “Teyana has a lot of masculine energy, so of course she would say this. My girlfriend isn’t that cool, so it hasn’t crossed my mind. In the past, it never has worked for me in other relationships either.” -Jamaal, 21


  10. “Emotions could get involved”

    “I think there are no such things as a ‘conventional relationship.’ It’s what works for you, defining your relationships on your own terms. Personally, I’m open to that with a partner but would want to make sure we established a solid foundation over a few years before we bring someone else in.

    "And, this most definitely, in my opinion, would need to be a situation where the third person is out of the country. Otherwise, this could become a bit of a crutch and emotions could get involved.” -Cliff, 30


  11. “Make sure my lady is pleased”

    “I’m for them. My goal would be to make sure my lady is pleased in every possible way during the experiment. I probably would sit back and watch a little foreplay transpire until I want to take over.” -Frankie, 29


  12. “We just both want to be thots”

    “I am not sure about that! I want to say no, but I don’t know if I would honestly! I don’t think I’m open to it at this point in life. It would have to be out of the country, and we just want to be thots." -Damon, 30


  13. “Keep things spicy”

    “I think a three-way with your partner is cool as long, as the trust and communication is present and with boundaries. It would need to be someone we both don’t know or know very well. And we both need to be comfortable and attracted to the third wheel. Keep things spicy!” -Al, 26


  14. “Prefer us to be outside of the USA”

    “Done it. Not my favorite situation! UNLESS the girl knows to leave immediately to avoid any weird situation afterward. I prefer us to be outside of the USA, or at least not in our home city. I don’t want to be running into the third person’s ass randomly. Literally and figuratively!” -Chase, 27


  15. “If we’re both comfortable”

    “If she with it, then I’m with it. If we're both comfortable and it’s going to spice up our sex life, there’s no shame.” -Kenneth, 25


  16. “Adding someone to the bedroom can complicate things”

    “Three-ways aren’t for my relationship! Adding someone to the bedroom can complicate things. If we can’t explore other ways to please each other, we may just not be compatible.” -Shannon, 26


  17. “That’s just weird AF to me”

    “If your girl asks you to bring another girl in the bedroom, dude, she may not be into you or your gender. That’s just weird AF to me. I would let her go and be great, just send me the nudes.” -Ryan, 35


  18. “Happy ‘minajatwa’ everyone!”

    “OF COURSE I’m with this idea! I’ve talked to my lady in the past about this possible fantasy. I think every heterosexual male has dreamt about two or more women at some point. One thing I’ve learned when embarking on this journey is if you’re doing it with someone you care about, it no longer is about you. If she is willing to allow herself to become vulnerable and try something new, she needs to feel confident and loved.

    "Talk about boundaries, do’s and don’ts help alleviate chances of misunderstandings and also including her in the process of your search for additional partners. Regardless of how you decide to go about it, remember to protect yourself and your partners. Happy ‘minajatwa,’ everyone!” -Allen, 32


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