The 6 Beauty Treatments That Will Rescue You From The Deep Dark Abyss Of Winter

Snowed in? Might as well look better when you emerge.

ICMYI: Last week, the Northeast was plummeted by a “bomb cyclone” (dubbed Winter Storm Grayson) resulting in insane cold temps and inches of snow. 

Naturally, you didn’t have to tell me twice to stay my black a** at home. But here’s the thing about being snowed in: at some point you get extremely bored considering you suddenly have hours to dedicate to yourself. After all, a girl can only work and watch Netflix for so long by herself!

Sadly, I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been (hello, Seamless where art thou?), but next storm I swear I'm ready! And I want you to be too — so, here are six beauty to-dos to knock off your list when the weather inevitably acts a fool again!

  1. No.1: Soften Your Kisser

    (Photo: KNC Beauty)

    KNC Beauty

    (Photo: KNC Beauty)

    Let’s face it, when it comes to cold weather the two most exposed areas are your face and hands (we’ll get to that later!) And nothing, I mean nothing is more unattractive than dry lips. Thankfully, Kristen Noel Crawley couldn’t agree more which is why she created an all-natural collagen-infused lip mask. Beyond being incredibly Instagrammable, the disposable treatment hydrates, plumps and acts as a primer before you apply your fave lipstick or gloss.

    Buy It: KNC Lip Mask ($25 for five-pack)

  2. No. 2: Winterize Your Bath

    (Photo: S DOT Beauty)

    Photo: S DOT Beauty

    (Photo: S DOT Beauty)

    Nothing feels more luxurious than a hot soak when it’s frigid outside. Beyond relaxation, the proper bath can draw out toxins, reduce muscle tension and help your relax for real! But don’t just reach for basic Epsom salts — treat yourself! Created by Stephanie Coker, S Dot Beauty has two signature salt blends: Mindful (French lavender, patchouli and palmarosa) or Uplift (grapefruit, lime and eucalyptus) to help you escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.


  3. No. 3: Maximize Your Shut-Eye

    (Photo: MegRhythm)


    (Photo: MegRhythm)

    It seems like every beauty editor and their mother (including BET's own Danielle Prescod) is raving about this eye mask that was once only available in Asia. Apparently, the single use dry mask is designed “moisten and relax hard working eyes while hydrating surrounding skin” according to the box. Next, it heats up as soon as you apply it activating the ingredients. Depending on which one you chose (lavender, citrus or unscented) anticipate a lovely spa-like aroma during your 10-minute escape. Sounds like the perfect pre-nap or pre-bed treatment to help you catch even more Z’s. 

    Buy It: MegRhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask ($11 for seven-pack) 

  4. No. 4: Banish Your Ashy Hands

    (Photo: glovetreat)

    Photo: glovetreat

    (Photo: glovetreat)

    Mountains of snow mean no time for manicures. Plus, let’s keep it 100 percent, I spend at least half the winter season looking for my other glove *cries* which means typically my hands are in dire need of lotion. And on especially cold days that's not even enough make them look halfway decent. 

    According to, paraffin wax helps deep-moisturize and condition the skin on your hands and your nails and cuticles. I love this non-messy option that allows you to hydrate your hands without getting wax everywhere. Simply heat up the gLOVE Treat Glove in your microwave for 90 or 120 seconds (or until the patented thermochromatic indicator turns bright red), wait for it to cool slightly (the heart-shaped patch will turn gray) and chill for 15 minutes. You can use each glove up to four times before tossing them. Easy peasy! 

  5. No. 5: Keep Those Feet Pedicure-Ready

    (Photo: Baby Foot)

    Baby Foot

    (Photo: Baby Foot)

    Described as a "chemical peel for your feet," Baby Foot has become a beauty cult-classic for good reason. It promises to rid your soles of the toughest, roughest calluses and reveal the smoothest feet you've had since, like, birth. The only drawback? Your feet peel like nothing you've ever seen before making this a "stay at-home until it's finished until complete" type of treatment for the next five to seven days.

    Don't believe us? Zendaya tested it out on her app — and held nothing back. "It worked really well and my feet were so smooth after! I'd show you a pictures, but you’d probably throw up!” Yikes, well at least no-one will see you (or your feet) if you're in hibernation. 

  6. No.6: Smooth Out Your Complexion

    (Photo: The Drunken Elephant)

    The Drunken Elephant

    (Photo: The Drunken Elephant)

    OK, I cheated — I have tried this and it’s awesome! But lounging around with a chemical peel for 20 minutes isn’t something I normally have time for on an average day. But, like most women, I suffer from dark spots and uneven skin tone so I am game to try anything that promises to reverse that.

    This at-home “facial” contains a gentle-yet-effective mix of 25 percent AHA and 2 percent BHA blend of glycolic, tartaric, lactic, citric and salicylic acids. Sounds scary — but really isn’t. It is formulated with most skin types in mind (ask your dermatologist if you are nervous!) and eliminates dead skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion. Personally, I follow-up with a face oil (I’m obsessed with Vinter’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum) post-treatment for even more hydration. 

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