'Diarra From Detroit': Untangling the Season's Complex Threads

As the finale looms, we’re still piecing together the leads and clues of this Motor City mystery.

It's been a wild season, and “Diarra From Detroit” is still unfinished. We have received clear answers to some of our questions, while others have only sparked new ones. Let's review our progress so far and consider what they may reveal about what lies ahead.

Is Chris really Deonte? Or is Chris a con man?

At first, all evidence pointed to Ambien Chris, and Deonte being the same person. Goldie Luckett, a lawyer for the Greeks, shed doubt on this, calling Chris a con man. This doesn’t mean he’s not Deonte, but another seed of doubt from Danger is revealed later. 

Who is the Russian?

In episode 1, Diarra goes to Chris's apartment for a wellness check after being ghosted by him. She encounters a tied-up, naked Russian man who escapes, leaving a strange keychain behind. This keychain leads Diarra to an underground kink club, where Diarra interrogates the Russian before he's shot down. We later learn Danger is the trigger man. 

Diarra From Detroit: Don't Stalk the Player, Respect the Game

How is the mother involved in the kidnapping?

Early on, Deonte's mother, Vonda, is floated as a suspect in his abduction since she waited so long to go looking for him. We learn that she, like so many others at the time, was captivated by the OJ Simpson verdict playing on the mall's TV. She now spends time alleviating her guilt by rescuing kidnapped children.

Why is Swa being so mean?

A couple of episodes ago we learned Swa, Diarra's soon-to-be ex-husband, never cheated on her as she suspected. Swa was bitter because they were amid a divorce rife with false accusations. Last week, Diarra came home to Swa, and they could be rekindling their romance.

Diarra From Detroit - Vonda’s Got a Gun

Are the Greeks actually involved? 

Yes, their cash cow was the auto plant where Deonte Brooks Sr. was an employee.  He was also a whistleblower who threatened a strike. Diarra deduces this during a confrontation with presumed mob boss Zervas, who chokes to death right in front of her. This was after being served dinner by someone with a spider tattoo. 

We later learn there's a bigger fish named "The Chief."

What is all this spider business about?

Chris's evidence is crawling with doodles of spiders, and he leaves them in his wake wherever he goes. We initially associated the recurrence of spiders to Tony "The Tarantula" Kincaid, a former Pistons player who ran the basketball camp attended by young Deonte. But spiders are actually the calling card and tattoo of the Woodward Boys. 

Diarra From Detroit: Diarra's Dangerous Dance in Search of Truth

What is Danger hiding from Diarra?

Diarra, needing the sleep she's lost since hooking up with Ambien Chris, invites Danger over as a pressure valve. What we first assumed was a sexual arrangement is strictly Danger providing massages and cooking the occasional breakfast. But Danger is a much larger piece of the Deonte puzzle, and we see him interacting with a mysterious mother figure who doesn't mess around.

Her name is Velvet, leader of the Woodward Boys gang that was hired by the Greeks to nab Deonte Sr. Danger was an errand boy for the crew and mistakenly pointed them in the direction of Deonte Jr. Danger tells Diarra that Velvet shot young Deonte and buried his body in the woods, so it's impossible for Chris to be Deonte. The Woodward Boys, via Danger, bungled the mission, and there's been a cold war ever since. The appearance and involvement of Chris has broken a 30-year truce. The Russian, a hitman hired by the Greeks,  was just one casualty of this war.

The future

In a season of suspense and mystery, there's also been a ton of romantic intrigue. Diarra now finds herself in Swa's arms, distrustful of Danger, and reeling from the revelation that her ambien may not be the missing child at the center of a 30-year cold case. But with one episode left, there's still time for more twists and revelations.

We can't wait to find out how it all ends!

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