Oh No You Didn't!: 7 Times Martin's Alter Egos Stole The Show

From Sheneneh to Jerome to Roscoe and Otis, these characters' on-screen antics kept the audience coming back for more.

Martin was hilarious enough with just the core cast of characters, Martin (Martin Lawrence), Pam (Tisha Campbell), Gina (Tichina Arnold), Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II), and Tommy (Thomas Mikal Ford). Still, Martin's side characters helped make the show gut-busting, fall-on-the-floor outrageous.

Of course, many of the sitcom's side characters were played by Martin Lawrence himself, revealing the depths of Lawrence's comedic genius and wild imagination. As we gear up for the show's 30-year reunion special on BET Plus coming June 16, it's an excellent time to celebrate Martin's unforgettable alter ego characters and some of the times they stole the show.

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White Bob Crashes Pam and Gina's Party

"Got to Be There" Season 2, Episode 3

That surfer boy walk. That "Hey, bro!" voice. The wig. That complexion. Of all the characters Lawrence embodied, "White Bob" just might be the most absurd (which is saying a lot.) Gina's co-worker from the marketing department, Bob, had a knack for making himself the center of everything —even parties he wasn't invited to. In one memorable bit, he shows up to an impromptu party Pam, and Gina had in their hotel room while at a conference for work, orders a bunch of pizza nobody asked for, and farts. Class act, that Bob.

Dragonfly Jones Gets Beat Up By His Student, Again

"Your Arms Are Too Short to Box with Martin" Season 1, Episode 24

Dragonfly Jones was clearly inspired by Sho'nuff from the '80s flick The Last Dragon, only taken to ridiculous heights. A supposed kung-fu master, Dragonfly's most defining trait was that he couldn't fight very well (LOL) and always seemed to get the crap beat out of him by his student, Kenji. One of the most memorable times was when Kenji (very politely!) asked for the $80 Dragonfly owed him, only for Dragonfly to get way out of pocket and earn yet another beatdown.

Roscoe Shows Up at Gina's Apartment Uninvited, Again

"To Kill a Talking Bird" Season 2, Episode 9

Poor little Roscoe. The little kid (just Lawrence on his knees) was constantly being treated with annoyance by adults—probably because he was annoying. Like when he broke into Gina's apartment for the umpteenth time, he held a gambling tournament. When Gina and Pam demanded he gets out, the perpetually snot-nosed 10-year-old told Gina, "I'll give you a cut," before telling Pam, "You look like you need some new shoes."

Edna (Mama) Payne Reads Gina for Filth

"Feast of Famine" Season 3, Episode 11

Martin's overly excited mom was a fountain of jokes: she had a mustache mother, she hated Gina, and she would always be yelling, "Damn, damn, daaaaayum!" One of her finest moments was when she showed up to help Gina make Thanksgiving dinner, and shade was on the menu. "You still schucking them peas, big face?" 

Jerome Gets Jacked for His Tooth

"Uptown Friday Night" Season 4, Episode 7

With his memorable catchphrase, "I'm a Playa…from the Himalaya!" Jerome was Lawrence's washed-up, old man pimp whose best days had long passed. Jerome never had a clue of how so not sexy he was either, particularly in the episode when some ski mask-wearing robbers jack everybody at a party. When they demanded his tooth, Jerome protested. "This tooth has been in family for years! This is a family tooth!"

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Otis Gives a Man the Electric Chair

"No Justice, No Peace" Season 2, Episode 16

The old-school disciplinarian who took his job as a security guard way too serious, Ol' Otis never could find his chill and took everything from zero to a hundred quick. A perfect example is when he was working in a courtroom and wasn't too happy an offender got off. After doing a "You going down today, boy" dance, Ol' Otis gave the kid his version of the electric chair in the form of a completely unnecessary tasing. A mess!

Sheneneh Goes to Work on Myra's Feet

"Control" Season 2, Episode 7

Surely one of the best side characters of any show ever, the legendary Sheneneh stole the show in every episode she appeared in. A round-the-way girl with an attitude and her braids always looking tight, Sheneneh never suffered fools, and she took her job as a business owner/cosmetologist seriously too. A case in point is the episode when Gina has to work a shift at Sheneneh's shop, and she's being way too delicate with Myra's feet during a pedicure. The sight of Sheneneh putting on goggles and whipping out a sandblaster ("You got to go work on Myra's feet!") as particles fly has to be one of the funniest things in the history of TV.

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