The Internet Is Ripping Remy Ma After Her Comments About Bill Cosby’s Rape Victims...

The Terror Squad femcee's thoughts erupted into a heated debate for "State of the Culture."

Revolt’s State of the Culture quartet, with hosts Remy Ma, Joe Budden, Scottie Beam and Jinx, found themselves in the midst of a heated debate on the recent conviction of Bill Cosby. In case you missed it, shamed Black Hollywood trailblazer was sentenced to three to 10 years behind bars on three of 60 sexual assault accusations that made it through to trial.

The court's decision drove a rift between many intersections of Black culture, including womanists, Black power enthusiasts, and all the blurred lines in between, as each side argued for or against Cosby’s conviction. More narrowly, the debate is pitted between the supporters and non-believers of the accusers as well.

That same rift split its way between Joe, Scottie, Jinx and Rem on episode four of the digital Revolt series. Judging by each co-host’s shared sentiments, the conversation resulted in three against one with the Terror Squad femcee as the odd ball out. After the internet caught wind of the Bronx rapper’s thoughts, where she explained her reasons for not buying all 60 testimonies from Cosby’s accusers, that three against one is now multiplying by the minute.

And not at all in the “Wake Me Up” femcee’s favor. 

  • The conversation began light enough after Scottie expressed that she’s glad justice was served

    While she understands the devastation around Cosby’s fall to shame, “that’s what happens when you rape,” she said. “That’s what should happen if you do some sh** like that.” Afterward, Scottie also pointed out that an overwhelming majority of rapists actually don’t face convictions. Calling Cosby a “predator” and “monster,” he believes this might be considered a win in light of that.

  • ‘Okay, where’s the evidence of this?’ Remy said after their points

    “Besides the women that are saying this?” Scottie had the answer for that, informing that Cosby did, in fact, admit to drugging women in official court documents. That wasn’t enough proof for Rem though, considering that she knows how the system works. She explained that sometimes prosecutors will pull a legal coercion of sorts, forcing innocent people into admission of guilt for the sake of a plea deal.

    But Uncle Joe called her on that one, pointing out Remy’s biases due to her own battle with the judicial system. The Plata O Plomo rapper stuck to her guns, though.

    “I feel like 60 is a lot,” she expressed. “I find it hard to believe out of 60 women, all of y’all was scared?”

    With such brazen sentiments, Joe asked afterward whether she believes her words could come off as insensitive, which she denied. “I don’t condone rapists,” Remy clarified. “I feel you rape one person is too many, but there’s also criteria.”

  • As the conversation continued to heat up…

    Scottie reminded Remy that she can’t determine for victims how easy it should be for them to come out about their assaults, considering how traumatic such experiences are. After more heated dialogue, Remy extended her thoughts on the subject of time even further.

    “First of all, let’s be clear here: this man is 82 years old,” she said. A younger Bill Cosby was very woke.” She said Cosby didn’t even look like he understood what was going on during those court sessions. Joe couldn’t help but ask if Remy was defending Bill amid all of her rebuttals to everyone else’s points, but she cleared up that she wasn’t. However, she is “defending people who have been done wrong not only by the system, and by people that lie, and by people that go on bandwagons.”

    In a nutshell, Remy doesn’t believe all of them are lying, she elaborated, but doesn’t believe they’re all telling the truth either. “When I sat there and listened to them, I feel like some of them are lying,” she said. “I feel like some of them are not telling the truth.”

    According to Remy, acknowledging those who lie about rape is just as important as acknowledging those who tell the truth. She even brought in the case of Stanford rapist Brock Turner, the white college student and star swimmer who was sentenced to six months after being caught raping a woman behind a dumpster, to prove her point. That point, she cleared up, is that the more status one has, especially as a Black person, the more biases he or she is subjected to legally.

    After more back and forth between herself and Scottie, Remy wrapped her stance up in a nutshell to close out the conversation. “As women, we have a responsibility as well,” she said. “Not just to ourselves, but to other women." Like Scottie, Joe and Jinx, the mass majority of the internet doesn’t share Remy’s beliefs. They are, however, sharing a full-blown drag session for the Terror Squad leading lady all across the Twitterverse.

    See their thoughts on Rem’s position and watch exactly how the conversation went down on State of the Culture below.

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