Should Other Family Members Spank Your Children?: Corey Gamble Disagrees With Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

Real men and women weigh in on the spanking as a form of discipline.

Even after 17 seasons Keeping Up With The Kardashians still finds a way to stay relevant, and this time it’s a less familiar family member, Kris Jenner’s longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble whose in the headlines.

ICYMI: During a dinner that consisted of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble, Kourt brought up her issues disciplining her at the time 6-year-old daughter Penelope Disick after an incident where she scratched her nanny. After Kourtney explained how everything she’s tried get her daughter to comply hasn’t worked, Corey chimed in with his views on discipline which didn’t sit well with the family at all, especially with Penelope’s father, Scott.

“If P scratch me, I’m whipping her a–,” said Gamble.

“My daughter?” Disick replied, visibly shocked and angry.

After Corey reiterated his opinion, Scott yelled back “Don’t ever talk about a child like that!”

The conversation only got more heated from there making for one seriously viral clip and sparking parenting debates across the Internet. When it comes to spanking, this parenting tactic has the ability to divide family and friends, even more so when we’re talking about allowing other family members to do the spanking. In an effort to understand all sides of this debacle, we asked the folks here at BET and our network of family and friends this:

Would you let other family members spank your children?

  1. I Don't Condone Men Placing Their Hands Little Girls

    "I understand where Corey is coming from with his statement. Though I think disciplining children is a lot more than the physical aspect. In some cases it is needed to an extent where it's not abuse, but it's a warning. As we get older, we face 'painful' situations where we have to learn our lessons the hard way, but it's different as a child. A child's mind can't always comprehend our reasoning for why they aren't allowed to do something, so it results in a spanking. 

    As far as other family members doing the job, I think there needs to be an understanding of 1) Is that family member opting for a spanking out of love or anger? 2) Have they run out of resources for other means of discipline with intentions that this would help in some way? 3) How close are they to you as the parents and the child? Is this their first time watching them and decided to spank your child because of their lack of trust from that child? 4) Was permission granted prior to the spanking or did they take it into their own hands?

    I personally don't condone fathers, let alone other men, to place their hands on little girls especially. It can show a perspective of acceptance later on in life.

    So, although I get Corey, I would say nahhhh. Just avoid it and never watch lil Chucky again!" —Saphia, blogger/author


  2. I'm On That A** If My Nephew Is Disrespectful

    "Of course I would let other family members spank my children, especially immediate family members. I think a lot of what generations post Gen X don't have is a community of people raising them. It may sound crazy, but other family members 'spanking' you made you think twice about doing disrespectful things or things outside what your core family group taught you that were good habits. Children now I think believe there's no one to call them out so they're reckless, blantantly disrespecting and physically harming elders, etc. I have a nephew now. I'm on that a** if he disrespects his mom or dad or any elder.
    P.S. And there's levels too, right? I wouldn't reprimand a 6-year old the same I would a 16 year old." —Naiquan, Senior Producer

  3. My Wife And I Made A Conscious Decision To Not Hit Our Children

    "No. My wife and I made a conscious decision to not hit our children, especially when they were young. 

    So I would not allow another family member to spank my children." —Jerry, Entertainment Editor

  4. In Certain Scenarios I May Give Approval For A Spanking

    "I personally wouldn't want any of my family members spanking my child without us first having a conversation, mainly because I barely spank my child. I would want to make sure if my child is getting a spanking it’s aligned with my reasoning’s for them deserving a spanking.

    In most cases I would still tell my family member to stand down and that I will take care of the spanking myself. But let’s say my kid is spending the night out with a relative or somewhere out of town, I may then give the approval to give the spanking in those scenarios." —Eric, Senior Production Manager

  5. It's Our Responsibility To Respect Other's Parenting

    "No, I wouldn't allow someone else to discipline my child. I would prefer that adult speak to me about the situation and trust my parenting skills enough to let me and my husband do the correction. It's our responsibility to respect a friend's/family member's parenting, and it's not our right or obligation to parent for them." —Kim, Digital Acquisition Manager 

  6. No Spankings Whatsoever

    "No need for spankings. Tough love can be achieved in so many different ways." —Synpes, Producer 

  7. I Wouldn't Allow It

    "I wouldn't allow any family members to spank my children." —Raquel, Production Manager 

  8. I don’t really think spanking reinforces any type of changed behavior

    "I can honestly count on one hand the times I was spanked or physically disciplined as a child and we’re African, so that’s rare! I’m not a parent but I do have nieces and nephews who I would never spank. Under no circumstance would I let a family member spank my child as a form of discipline because I don’t really think spanking reinforces any type of changed behavior.

    And my older sister would agree, since she doesn’t spank her kids. Her type of discipline as a parent is speaking about why something is wrong, by just taking something away from them, or time outs. Those methods of discipline are the only things that would be okay for a family member to do in terms of disciplining my child that is not theirs!" —Gina, Style Assistant

  9. If It's Necessary, then yes

    "Okay this is a tricky topic because every generation, family, household, etc is different. As a kid, running off with the mouth, talking back, and having an attitude got me in trouble!

    As far as other family members giving me a spanky, I don’t recall but I have a feeling they did. When I have kids, I hope I do not have to spank them but if it is EXTREME and I am not around then yes, I will allow other family members to handle the matter accordingly." —Kateri, On-air Coordinator  

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