Zazie Beetz On Cable vs Thanos, Finding Drake & Which Atlanta Character She’d Give Her Super Powers To

DF-18772_R – Zazie Beetz as Domino in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Joe Lederer.

Zazie Beetz On Cable vs Thanos, Finding Drake & Which Atlanta Character She’d Give Her Super Powers To

The "Deadpool 2" star is feeling quite lucky these days.

Published May 18, 2018

Written by Jerry L. Barrow

Zazie Beetz walks and talks like she’s been here before. One of Hollywood’s freshest faces moves with the confidence and awareness of someone who has seen more than her 26 years would suggest. Carefree but with purpose. Sturdy yet approachable.

In the highly anticipated sequel to Deadpool she plays a stunning mercenary named Domino, who consistently emerges unscathed from the most precarious of situations. While she doesn’t appear to share the narcissism of her character, Beetz moves with the same agility, trusting that her steps—both literal and professional—will land her in the right places.


Zazie Beetz On Deadpool 2, Atlanta & Drake

As Domino, Beetz is required to interview for her spot on Deadpool’s X-Force. While it’s a rather unorthodox selection process for a team of mercenaries, her real life interview experiences have been just as fruitful.

“The trick with that is to just be authentic and let the writing do the work,” she says of her audition for Atlanta, Donald Glover’s series on FX where Beetz has earned a legion of fans as the smoldering Vanessa. “I just tried to be connected and be open and available and adjust when I was given that note. And Deadpool was sort of the same way. I think with stuff like that you have to go in open and being willing to receive, be willing to give and that’s when everything usually works out.”

Things have certainly worked out for Beetz, who had a ball on the set of her first major film. And who could not with Ryan Reynolds running point on the jokes?

“He’s really funny. He’s literally Deadpool,” she says. “His humor is exactly the same. I think Deadpool is a little more nihilistic, sarcastic and mean-hearted than Ryan. But the same kind of joke is what comes out when you’re just talking to him. He’s really good at what he does.”

Zazie still keeps a level head despite the run she's been on. On this past season of Atlanta, each character endures into a streak of bad luck, and one particular episode focused on her character Van attending a party at Drake's mansion. The rapper/singer posted on his social media that he was watching the episode and noted how "surreal" it felt to watch. Beetz agrees.

"It’s funny when you realize, ‘Drake knows who I am.’ You're in people’s homes and they’re watching your show. The whole time we were shooting Drake was maybe gonna be in it, ‘Is Drake gonna be in it, is he not gonna be in it?’ Everyday the script was changing and he never ended up coming. I think he was recording at the time. But we finally got him in there sorta."

Van and any of the members of the Atlanta cast would have benefited from a bit of Domino's gift of good fortune. But if she could have picked one character to bequeath her super power to, it would be Glover's Earn.

"He feels like the Larry David of his show," she explains. "He’ll say the wrong thing and do the wrong... Because of his own shit he’s always stepping in the wrong kind of door and I feel like he could maybe use a little boost."

One person who doesn't need a boost is her Deadpool co-star Josh Brolin, who is playing the villain Cable. He's fresh off of making Marvel fans cry as the ruthless Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. So which of Brolin's alter egos does she prefer?

"I think Cable is nicer. In the comics Cable and Domino kind of have a little thing going. So I’m gonna keep Cable and see what happens in future movies."

Catch Zazie, Josh Brolin, Terry Crews, Ryan Reynolds and more in Deadpool 2. In theaters everywhere!


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