Too Much: Find Out How the Kardashians Totally Disrespected Blac Chyna's Pregnancy

Too Much: Find Out How the Kardashians Totally Disrespected Blac Chyna's Pregnancy

Rob's fiancée got shaded by her own family.

Published May 6, 2016

Blac Chyna confirned the news today that she and Rob Kardashian are pregnant with their first child — but the bombshell revelation didn't exactly go as she planned. This time, though, it wasn't tabloid sleuths who spilled the beans, but Blac's own future in-laws, the Kardashians.

"She would have preferred to have announced it on Mother's Day herself," a rep for the model tells People, "but her hand was forced."

Chyna, who is said to be elated by the baby news, had wanted to announce the pregnancy in her own time, "But allegedly the other half of her family leaked her story so she had to announce it," says the rep, speaking of the Kardashians. 

"The only people that knew from Chyna's side was myself and Amber [Rose]," he adds. "Her mother didn't even know. [Chyna's] moment was taken from her, which is really sad." 

This latest betrayal comes just hours after reports that the Kardashians effectively killed any chance Chyna had of landing her own reality show, outside of the KarJenner franchise. While the family all seem to be playing nice with the beauty entrepreneur on social media, it sounds like things are not so copacetic behind the scenes.

It'll be interesting to see what goes down with Blac Chyna becomes "Angela Kardashian" legally, and welcomes a new baby into the family. Hopefully they'll all sort out their differences before long.

See the public face Chyna and the Kardashians are putting on their relationship with BET Breaks, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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