Here We Go: Kendu Issacs Makes A Wild Accusation About Mary J. Blige

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Here We Go: Kendu Issacs Makes A Wild Accusation About Mary J. Blige

This is intense.

PUBLISHED ON : JANUARY 4, 2018 / 10:05 AM

Kendu Isaacs is whining again.

This time, he's continuing to disparage his soon-to-be ex-wife Mary J. Blige's character as he is now claiming that the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul's handling of their divorce is messing with his health.

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According to documents obtained from The Blast, Isaacs is claiming that the stress of his divorce with the "Thick of It" singer has taken a major toll on his health, ultimately landing him in the hospital.

"[Isaacs] has experienced physical manifestations of stress and emotional distress from this matter, which has caused him to become hospitalized," he said in the docs.

Elsewhere in the legal documents, he stressed his alleged brokeness, stating he is "unemployable" and paying rent has become "impossible." He even added that without the financial help of his estranged wife, he would be "destitute."

Isaacs, Blige's former manager, has been awarded $30,000 in spousal support from the singer and is pushing for it to be upped to a staggering $65,000/month. His efforts have since been declined by a judge thus far.

Both Blige and Isaacs will head to trial in March.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photos from Left: Johnny Nunez/WireImage, Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AFI)


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