Family Feud: Jackie Christie's Daughters Are Now Beefing On The 'Gram

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 03:  Jackie Christie attends VH1's 3rd annual 'Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms' screening at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on May 3, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Family Feud: Jackie Christie's Daughters Are Now Beefing On The 'Gram

Things just got a little more complicated.

Published June 1, 2018

Jackie Christie's strained relationship with her estranged daughter, TaKari Lee, has been a topic of reality TV headlines for a while, with the Basketball Wives star, herself, speaking about it on the show.

Now, their feud appears to have extended beyond the two of them as Christie's other daughter, Chantel, whom she shares a close relationship with, is chiming in, and she's directly addressing her sis.

It all started with what appeared to be a kind gesture on TaKari's part, who took to Instagram to send some birthday wishes her sister's way.

However, her kind words weren't met with the response one would expect as Chantel roasted her in a lengthy comment of her own, stressing she could have easily texted her those words "accompanied by a personal apology for all the s**t" she has said and done.

"I'm not with the public shenanigans anymore, that's why I've been quiet," she continued. "I don't have no ill wishes toward you but this ain't genuine and you know that. You put this up for your followers and the blogs. So you can carry on this sad, sappy charade like nobody gives a f**k about you, don't want nothing to do with you etc."

She then made it a point to add, "I'VE BEEN THERE for you and dare you to say otherwise."

See what else she had to say about TaKari's alleged social media games, below:

Written by John Justice

(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)


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