Steve Harvey Says He Can’t Host The Oscars After Kevin Hart Controversy

THE ROCK, GA - JUNE 14:  Steve Harvey  speaks onstage at 10th Annual The Steve Harvey Mentoring Program For Young Men at The Rock Ranch on June 14, 2018 in The Rock, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Steve Harvey Says He Can’t Host The Oscars After Kevin Hart Controversy

His fellow comedian stepped down after past homophobic tweets surfaced.

Published December 15, 2018

Well, it seems as though finding a host for the Academy Awards is proving to be quite difficult after Kevin Hart openly revealed that The Academy dug up old homophobic tweets and required him to publicly apologize.

According to Kevin, not only did he already apologize, but he also outgrew those ideas long ago and decided to pass on the hosting opportunity even though he was considered most favorable in a Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult poll.

Now, according to Steve Harvey, he's less than interested partaking in the hosting gig.

Recently, the 61-year-old comedian revealed to Entertainment Tonight that if the opportunity presented itself, he has no interest in hosting the popular awards show.

“Hell, if they won't let Kevin Hart host the Oscars, how the hell are they going to let me host the Oscars,” he questioned referring to the hard time Kevin experienced with The Academy.

When asked if he was interested, he simply stated, '”Oh no, I can't host the Oscars,” before jokingly adding, “I don't want to host the Oscars because I don't want them digging up my past.”

If you don't remember, there have been reports that The Academy was looking to have legendary comedian, Eddie Murphy host the show. Eddie has yet to respond.

Sick of the double standards and coming to his brother's defense (twice!), fellow comedian Nick Cannon blasted white female comedians who also posted homophobic tweets but never missed a money-making opportunity.

Definitely, something to make you think...

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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