Flame Monroe, Transgender Comic, Slams Mo’Nique For Hypocrisy After Homophobic Past

Flame Monroe, Monique, Sydney Hicks.

Transgender Comic Slams Mo’Nique For Hypocrisy

"Who is 'Daddy' calling Daddy?"

Published November 13th

Written by Moriba Cummings

Comedian Flame Monroe is targeting fellow comic Mo'Nique in a recent interview. While critiquing the Precious star, she also took aim at her husband of 13 years, Sidney Hicks.

Monroe, a transgender woman, recently appeared on The Tammi Mac Late Show on Fox Soul where she ripped into Mo'Nique for her past homophobic comedy material.

"Here's the funniest part: You tore me down for my lifestyle, and then turned around and married my lifestyle," she said. "You've been knowing me all these years. Gay bashing don't work with me. I'm from the West Side of Chicago."

When host Tammi Mac asked Monroe to clarify what she meant when she previously said Mo'Nique married her "type," she boldly alluded that Hicks is a member of the LGBTQ community, himself.

"Stevie Wonder can see that," she said. "The question is, who is 'Daddy' calling Daddy?"

Take a look at the clip, below:

Neither Mo'Nique nor Hicks has responded to Flame Monroe's claims about their relationship.

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