Someone Made Trick Daddy Very Angry and This Video Is The Result

Someone Made Trick Daddy Very Angry and This Video Is The Result

What is going on here?

Published June 28, 2016

In today’s WTF? news, Trick Daddy took to Facebook Live and, uh, had some grievances he thought everyone should know.

The Miami native began trending today (June 28) after video surfaced of him, presumably at his house, arguing with who we think was a woman in the other room. However, he seemed more pissed off at the camera or who he thought may have been watching his broadcast.

"Don't play with me, b***h, I swear before God," he says at the beginning of the first video captured before going on a long tangent. "This h** ain't got no business talking about comments," he yelled angrily. "I didn't say nothing about you, h**."

It’s unclear who he’s talking to as no one besides him is actually present in the video. "S**k my d**k from the back so when your jaws get tired you can kiss my a**, b***h. F**k wrong with you h**?" he continues. He then repeatedly spits at the camera phone taking the video and shouts, "I spit at you."

We’re clearly confused as to what’s going on here — your guess is as good as ours. Let us know what you think is happening by hitting up the comment section after checking out what he had to say below. God bless you, Tricky.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Johnny Louis/


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