Are Joe Budden And Meek Mill About To Go To War?

Are Joe Budden And Meek Mill About To Go To War?

Is Meek Mill finally firing back at Budden?

Published June 29, 2016

Joe Budden has been taking subtle jabs at Meek Mill for awhile now, most recently keeping his feelings about the rapper especially transparent. 

On Monday (June 27), Budden tweeted a simple, “F**k Meek.” Now, a couple days later, Meek Mill has possibly responded, making a post that could be interpreted as a diss against Budden. 

“Petty n****s wanna mention my name to get acknowledged,” Meek wrote in his post. “Hoping I react like a fool and give em violence.... I rather kill em wit success and give em knowledge.... Before I throw it all away for a sucka cuz we the hottest... My momma crib big as a church, I'm being modest.... No sleep putting in work that's how she got it!”

After Budden got wind of the post, he himself took it to Twitter, saying, “God is good,” in response to the possible diss, further proving he likely was asking for some sort of reply from Meek. 

Maybe these small-but-still-gloriously-snarky remarks are going to spark a public feud between the two, with an arsenal of diss tracks at their disposal. If these posts keep escalating, we may very well have a new rap war on our hands.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo from left: Brian Ach/Getty Images for Vh1, Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)


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