A$AP Rocky: 'I Feel Terrible as a Black Man'

A$AP Rocky: 'I Feel Terrible as a Black Man'

He opens up in a new interview.

Published July 20, 2016

A$AP Rocky has been catching heat over the last 24 hours for his comments regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and his general place in hip-hop as an artist with a platform and a voice.

Many are accusing the Harlem native of not being sensitive or being selfish after he asked why he has to be a voice for social justice just because he’s Black and a rapper. During the interview with Time Out New York, he also said he didn’t sign up to “be no political activist” and didn’t “wanna talk about no f***ing Ferguson and sh*t” because he doesn’t live there and apparently can’t relate.

Sitting down with The Breakfast Club this morning (July 20), Rocky wanted to clear the air and explain exactly what he meant. He says his comments were taken out of context and if you read the entire interview, there’s more to it. He then relayed his emotions about being Black in America and even says he feels "terrible as a Black man."

“It’s f***ed up, especially from being in London and looking at it from a different perspective," he explained. "It’s really sad because you come over here and you feel it. Before I thought they were trying to gas it in front of the world to make it look like America is a bunch of idiots and sh*t like that and this racism sh*t is really big. Coming back here, it’s the truth. You can feel the energy, you can feel the tension, you can feel the separation. That sh*t is wack.”

A$AP Rocky also pointed out that rappers like Drake, Future and Young Thug aren’t “always political” in their music, which is very true for the latter as Thugga has publicly stated that he could care less about the suffering of others because of his own wealth.

“I wanna promote peace because at a time like this I don’t have all the answers," Rocky said. "I’m not trying to run for Congress, I’m not trying to run for office. I wanna promote prosperity especially for Black people, especially for young people, ambitious people, underprivileged. I’m not here to talk about supremacy. I’m not here to talk about who’s dominant.”

Finally, A$AP Rocky said that he’s a “proud Black man” and that he’s very troubled by the recent police-involved shooting videos that have surfaced, particularly the Baton Rouge one involving Alton Sterling.

Watch A$AP Rocky’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images for Adidas)


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