Inside the Hip-Hop Soundtrack of Marvel's 'Luke Cage'

Marvel's Luke Cage

Inside the Hip-Hop Soundtrack of Marvel's 'Luke Cage'

This is for all the comic book and hip-hop heads out there.

Published August 31, 2016

Fans of both the comic book world and hip-hop music are in for a treat, as Netflix’s upcoming series Luke Cage is a wonderful marriage between the two.

However, the series wouldn’t have become what it has without the help of a serious soundtrack, as put together by some of the genre’s most reputed names.

As reported, the score has been handled by A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge. On top of that, there is an incredible amount of featured artists, and not to mention each episode has been titled after a Gang Starr song.

Today (August 31), Netflix has set free the first featurette, which discloses some more information on how the series came to be enhanced by the music and how each episode was approached like making an album.

The featurette includes the likes of A$AP Ferg and Method Man, who both have shared their love for comics throughout several interviews over the years.

The series makes it official debut on Netflix, with all episodes dropping at once, on September 30.

Check out the featurette and the accompanying trailer in the clips below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix)


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