Brandy Has More Words About Monica

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Brandy Has More Words About Monica

Is there about to be a full-on war?

Published September 15, 2016

This past weekend, Monica decided to open up about her working history and personal relationship with Brandy, shining a new light on an old tension.

Brandy immediately clapped back, and before long, the two were trading comments like it was 1998 again. Today (September 15) a new development has surfaced, showing that the two may still be far, far away from reconciling.

During the original interview when Monica first addressed the situation with Brandy from her perspective, the singer said that she feels her relationship with Brandy was a “test from God.”

In response, Brandy didn’t hesitate to throw it back at Monica even harder, sharing that she knows the “REAL” story that “everybody doesn’t know” while also shading Monica for "faking" her "realness."

Today, Brandy has taken to SnapChat in a bit of a cheeky way, detailing that she’s been struggling with the whole situation, saying that she knows she has to choose her battles wisely.

“I have to stay so positive I can say what I really feel, because I have to be so positive!” the singer says using a filter and exaggerating her voice in a tactfully petty manner.

“Back to normal!” she says, switching to using no filter to represent shifting gears and making her point. “Had to get that little [wee noise] off my chest. I just felt so attacked.”

“I’ve been erasing and deleting and starting over because these streets. Very, very lit,” she continues. “Is everything fine? Yes, everything is OK. I just know that my calling is higher. I will not take credit for that. That’s all God, period.”

The singer then adds that she will be rising above the beef that Monica re-ignited.

“I have to stay poised. I have to choose my battles. So I’m going to choose to inspire.”

She then urged others to "be the change you wish to see in the world," with a hearty laugh. Following this statement, she adds, "Don't be shady."

Take a look at Brandy’s latest commentary in the two clips below and be sure to keep the tea warm while we sit back and wait for Monica to reply. Things are about to get really interesting...

#Brandy took to snapchat to address #Monica's appearance on #TheReal

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Part 2 of #Brandy addressing #Monica's appearance on #TheReal

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Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from Left: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Gary Gershoff/WireImage)


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