Here's What Allegedly Triggered Kanye West's Breakdown

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Here's What Allegedly Triggered Kanye West's Breakdown

Let's hope Yeezy finds some peace.

Published November 30, 2016

Ever since Kanye West’s hospitalization launched rumors throughout the internet grapevine, there’s still one major question lingering about what’s fact and what’s fiction: What led to the breakdown?

After learning the significance of the month of November, we may just be closer to figuring it out.

While TMZ has reported that sleep deprivation, marital challenges and the weight of parenting his two children brought an overload of stress upon him, the death anniversary of his mother was the straw that broke Yeezy’s mental back.

Donda West, Ye’s mother, passed away on Nov. 20, 2007, after suffering complications from a surgical procedure. Such speculation that this was the initial trigger to Yeezy’s nervous breakdown comes from the fact that, just last week, on Nov. 20, he made the first cancellation of his Saint Pablo Tour. A day later, he dumped the remainder of the tour before news broke that he was admitted into the UCLA Medical Center in California.

TMZ alleges that those close to Kanye revealed that he never quite coped with the death of the his mother and, nine years later, the grief had spread too thin. Reports have even swirled that West became paranoid at the hospital, refusing to let doctors touch him and ranting that people were out for his marriage.

Currently, sources allege that the Chicago rap star is under "close watch" as he remains in the facility. There is no word on when West will be released. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Allan Bregg / SPLASH NEWS)


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