Now Shirley Caesar Is Suing Over the #UNameItChallenge

Now Shirley Caesar Is Suing Over the #UNameItChallenge

Plot twist.

Published December 9, 2016

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone this year, the #UNameItChallenge has since dwindled down a little.

However, Shirley Caesar has some unfinished business to take care of. In an interesting turn of events, the gospel legend has now reportedly filed a lawsuit against the original creator of the viral video challenge.

While most of November was spent with Caesar voicing her praise for the viral social media sensation, she is now making it known that she does not approve of one unauthorized video that emerged as part of the trend.

According to the reports, Caesar feels as though one of the creator's videos is getting in the way of her bigger vision regarding the #UNameItChallenge, demanding that DJ Suede take down one of his masterpieces. We'll see if he complies. 

Take a look at the video in question below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Jason Davis/Getty Images for National Museum of African American Music)


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