50 Cent Heard About Soulja Boy's Arrest and, of Course, Had Jokes

50 Cent Heard About Soulja Boy's Arrest and, of Course, Had Jokes

Fif got a good laugh in.

Published December 16, 2016

Yesterday (Dec. 16) Soulja Boy's social media antics finally caught up with him. After weeks of sharing video clips with guns present, the self-incriminating clips resulted in his arrest for violating the terms of his parole. 

Of course, echoing what the Shade Room points out, did it even happen if 50 Cent didn't weigh in on the matter?

When 50 Cent got word of the news that Soulja Boy had been arrested after police discovered a gun in his residence due to a tip getting authorities hip to his aggressive social media behavior, the 41-year-old reacted in true Fif fashion, posting his hilarious commentary to his Instagram.

"S**t be crazy out here," he begins, bearing a bit of a grin. "First Soulja was like, ‘Quavo want some beef with me.’ Couple days later he was like ‘Quavo call police on me.’"

"You know what kind of gun they found?" he continues. "I hope they ain’t find that draco. Find something else don’t find that draco. I know that n***a stressed. N****s calling 1-800-Tips on a n***a? What the f**k did you do?"

A passenger then mentions that Quavo must have been mad about Soulja dissing him, a statement that Fif quickly shuts down.

"Nah he’s popping now, his name all over the s**t, B,” Fif adds. "That n***a don’t give a f**k about that. This s**t crazy."

Take a look at 50 Cent candidly trying to make sense of it all in the video clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Image, Jerod Harris/BET/Getty Images for BET)


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