Watch: Meek Mill Says He'll Fight Drake For $5 Million

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Watch: Meek Mill Says He'll Fight Drake For $5 Million

Here we go again.

Published January 12, 2017

Looks like Meek Mill's beef with Drake is following us into 2017.

The Philly MC, who split Nicki Minaj just a hot minute ago, took to Instagram Live sometime in the recent past to challenge his arch-nemesis — and Nicki's one-time close friend — to a boxing match much like the once Chris Brown and Soulja Boy will reportedly use to settle their beef.

For the pleasure of knocking Champagne Papi's teeth in, he seeks only $5 million in payment. 

Meek made the declaration while livestreaming a gym session on social media. The conversation with his workout buddy eventually came around to Breezy and Soulja's scheduled fight, and Meek said he'd be down to raise fists to Drake...for the right price.

"Of course I would [fight him]," Meek said to his friend. "And we gon' let Nicki be the ring girl."

Considering Meek has taken more than his fair share of Ls while sparring Drake in lyrics and on social media, he seems pretty confident about how this potential fight would turn out.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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