Here's What Will Happen If You Write a Bad Article on Joe Budden...

*wipes sweat away while typing*

Published April 14, 2017

The rap tension between Joe Budden and Drake is still relatively thick, and those who are die-hard Team Drizzy members have found that out the hard way from the “Pump It Up” rapper himself.

But after he caught up with Complex journalist Angel Diaz, who penned a scornful opinion piece accusing Joey of biting for attention through his beef with Drake, he’s sending a message for all other writers of the same mindset: type with caution.

While in the building for his co-host seat with DJ Akademiks on Complex’s new Everyday Struggle broadcast series, Joey met up with the writer who he had been hunting down for quite a while after reading the article. Joey initially greeted Diaz with a hug before jumping into the conversation about his scathing article, titled “Joe Budden Is Pioneering Thinkpiece Diss Tracks to Promote His Album.”

Admitting that he had read and liked a few articles from the New Jersey-bred writer and had no real problems with him, there were a few things Joey didn’t take kindly to.

“My problem with you comes from your lack of objectivity in the Drake-Joe Budden, one-sided beef that I perpetuated because he’s scared of real n****s,” he started. “Then, I read a Complex article and you, who is from New Jersey — Paterson, New Jersey, right next to where I live — said, ‘Joe Budden is a failure who is craving attention.’”

After Diaz questions whether those were his actual words or rather Joe's implied thoughts, Joey disagrees. The conversation took a hostile turn once the journalist asked him about his album with regard to the opinion piece, which he thought came out after the article was published.

“That would be incorrect,” Joey shouted. “And that’s my problem with f**king Complex!”

As Diaz continues to argue that he believed the album came out afterward, Joey fact-checks him, seemingly becoming more agitated.

“My album came out in October,” he corrected the writer. “I tore Drake’s a** up all in July. Every time I kicked his a**, then that’s promoting my album. Because the pundits like you would say I’m only trying to promote an album. Joe Budden has never given a f**k about promotion, Angel Diaz! Joe Budden only cares about the forwarding of the culture, Angel Diaz! It ain’t about the podcast — I care about rap, n***a!”

Diaz continues to argue his case, but Joey cuts him off with, “No! You’re wrong! Shut the f**k up! You’re wrong!”

At this point, Joey is within a considerable physical vicinity of him, and Diaz motions for Joey to back off some. He obviously didn’t take much heed to Diaz’s request though, as Joey continues his diatribe, calling the writer a Drake “d**k rider.” Finally, Diaz gets an opportunity to explain that his basis for the opinion piece came after he heard Joey on his podcast shooting sub-shots at Drake, and to Diaz, it seemed as if he was making it all up off the top of his head.

“For people that don’t know hip-hop!,” Joey said pointing a finger sharply at Diaz and approaching the camera. “For idiots like him who do not know hip-hop! It’s my job to get rid of anybody at Complex who’s just writing sensationalized s**t to not know f**king hip-hop!”

Well, that escalated quickly.

Watch Joe Budden’s confrontation with Diaz at the 2:18 mark in the video below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)