Azealia Banks Might Help Clear Nicki Minaj's Name of the Ghostwriting Rumors

Azealia Banks Might Help Clear Nicki Minaj's Name of the Ghostwriting Rumors

Major plot twist.

Published July 14th

Since stepping on the rap scene in 2012, Azealia Banks has earned a reputation as one of the most outspoken artists to date. As a Harlemite with a "no filter" attitude, she was quickly branded as a spark plug. Azealia's problematic comments on skin bleaching, Donald Trump and continual Twitter spats with other celebrities have often placed her at the center of controversy. 

In a recent interview with XXL, however, the 26-year-old seems to have made amends with her past and is taking responsibility for her oftentimes eyebrow-raising antics. While the "212" rapper suggested that the music industry's double standards are to blame for the downward spiral in her career, she also shared even more eye-opening revelations with fans. The most telling being her clarifying the ghostwriting rumors which have plagued Nicki Minaj's career for over a decade. 

In spite of her track record for taking direct digs at the Pinkprint rapper, Azealia confirmed that Nicki does in fact write her own rhymes during her sit down with XXL. "I have a song that I did with Safaree Samuels," Azealia said. "Actually, it kind of came out of nowhere. I guess people are like, “Oh, that’s rivalry,” because it’s Safaree, but honestly it’s just industry s**t." 

"I assumed that he played a part in [some of] Nicki Minaj’s hot singles, so I was like, 'S**t, we should definitely go to the studio together.' But it actually turned out [to be] me writing for him. So Safaree and I put this song together and I wrote a bunch of his part and it’s really f**kin’ hot."

Interestingly enough, the collaboration which Azealia is referring to was the source of controversy nearly a year ago. Following news of Azealia's studio session with Nicki's estranged beau, the Harlem emcee took to Facebook to write a vicious open letter to Young Money's first lady. In the letter, the "212" rapper suggested Nicki lose weight and "stay tuned for my joint with your man."

Year-old beef aside, could Azealia be ready to turn over a new leaf? Perhaps the Barbs will have to weigh in on this one. 

Written by Kai Miller

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