Khia Has Thoughts About the Trina Drama

Khia Has Thoughts About the Trina Drama

"You got to keep it 1000."

Published August 11th

Trina recently made headlines after she issued a rant on social media aimed at some of the new female rappers. The Miami artist has undoubtedly made her mark in the game, but fellow femcee Khia is here to tell you that she still doesn't respect Trina's hustle because she has never kept it real with people.

Khia, who is best known for her raunchy 2002 single "My Neck My Back," recently joined the discussion concerning Trina's latest comments online, and she didn’t hold back on what she thought of her. Khia called Trina out for trying to hide her past and act like she was something other than what she is. She compared her to new artist Cardi B, claiming the "Bodak Yellow" rapper deserves respect because she has always been honest about where she came from and transparent with her fans. "Cardi B was a stripper; Cardi B was a hoe; Cardi B got her money and she was proud to say it," Khia explained. "And Trina, it was like, 'I wasn't no stripper. I ain't no hoe. I ain't never sell no p***y. I was born a diamond princess with a gold spoon and diamonds in my mouth. And you wasn't!" The rapper is referring to the "Here We Go" artist's past as a supposed escort in the Miami area. "You got to say you was a paid ho. I can't respect you because Cardi B came out and said this is who I am," Khia continued. "Trina act like she ain't never did none of that...You can't do that girl. You got to keep it 1000."  

Khia may have little respect for Trina, but apparently Trina doesn't have love for Khia or any of these women in the industry either. The rapper previously went on Instagram Live to send a message to "bum b*****s" attempting to sabotage her character. "If you call me a b***h, make sure you put ‘the baddest’ in front of it,” the Diamond Princess demanded. “I see you bum a** b****s around, I don’t speak on you b*****s. I don’t give a f**k about you hoes. I’m too busy getting money." At the time, it seemed like Trina's rant was geared toward Miami artist KimBRocMics, but now it's looking like she was addressing anyone that has a problem with her.  

We'll just have to wait for a new response from Trina to see what she has to say about Khia's thoughts.

Written by Jessica McKinney

(Photos from Left: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images, Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)


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