Fat Joe Is Doing What Trump Couldn't Do For Puerto Rican Hurricane Victims

Fat Joe Is Doing What Trump Couldn't Do For Puerto Rican Hurricane Victims

"We feel stranded."

Published October 4, 2017

Despite the fact that it took Donald Trump nearly two weeks of public outcry to address and visit Puerto Rico, the country thankfully has found heroes in other forms. Puerto Rican rapper Fat Joe has stepped up to the plate to help displaced victims of Hurricane Maria by delivering five planes worth of supplies to the island. With the help of Jay-Z and Tidal, the Terror Squad MC set an aim to load 200,000 pounds of supplies into one plane to send to Puerto Rico, and surpassed that goal tremendously.

Sitting down with CNN, Fat Joe clarified a previous comment he made on Instagram: “If we don’t take care of our own, no one will.”

“We feel stranded,” he said. “U.S. citizens and Puerto Rico has played their part. I have two little cousins that’s in the Army right now, willing to give their life for this country. And the fact that it took so long to get any help out there, that’s what I mean. So we had to mobilize and empower ourselves to collect canned foods and waters and women’s hygienes and toothpastes to give back to our own community, and that we did.”

That they did, indeed. Fat Joe, Jay-Z and Tidal have filled up five planes in total, and are gearing up to send five more. The total weight of goods shipped is expected to reach 2 million pounds. Collecting donations via Tidal and supplies from New York with the help of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Fat Joe was able to enhance his original mission. Other stars who have helped in the effort include Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Watch Fat Joe discuss his hurricane relief efforts on CNN in the clip below:

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: CNN via Twitter)


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