Lupe Fiasco Takes A Shot And Kendrick Lamar, Saying He’s ‘Not A Top Tier Lyricist’

Lupe Fiasco Takes A Shot And Kendrick Lamar, Saying He’s ‘Not A Top Tier Lyricist’

He says his “standards” are higher than K. Dot.

Published 2 weeks ago

Lupe Fiasco has never been one to bite his tongue and his most recent comments have people choosing sides.

  1. Taking to Twitter, the Chicago rapper, when asked whether he believed Logic was a “better than Kendrick [Lamar] lyrically,” responded by saying that the Compton emcee was “not a top tier lyricist.”

  2. “I’ll put it to you like this. K. Dot is not a top tier lyricist to me and my standards when it comes to punchlines and bars,” he wrote via tweets that have since been deleted. “His overall lyrics are good, his stories phenomenal, but punchline entendre lyrically I don’t see it.”

    And while the tweets were deleted, he didn’t immediately back down. In a follow-up tweet, Lupe called K Dot’s much discussed “Control” verse “wack and super overhyped.”

  3. “I’ve never been destroyed,” he responded to a Twitter user who tweeted that “Look Out For Detox” “destroys any Lupe tracks.” “Also the only issue that the world thinks I have with K. Dot and I actually do is that I think his ‘Control’ verse was wack and super overhyped to be a verse claiming you are the best rapper. It was very weird. I was told it was just bait, but still.”

    Welp, this got a lot of reaction from the Internet, perhaps most notebly the president of Kendrick's TDE label, Dave Free, who replied on Twitter.

  4. Why can't we all just get along?

    See all of what went down above.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images, Paul Marotta/Getty Images)


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