Azealia Banks On Wendy Williams: 'I Would Love To See Her Die On Air'

Azealia Banks On Wendy Williams: 'I Would Love To See Her Die On Air'

She made the public death wish after watching Wendy's latest broadcast.

Published July 17, 2018

Azealia Banks has had it out for an unusual amount of her industry mates than normal over the past couple of weeks.

After roasting Nicki Minaj’s mermaid-laden “Bed” video last week and slamming Nick Cannon and his Wild ‘N Out crew of colorist discrimination, she’s now got Wendy Williams in her crosshairs. Much like her status with other industry mates, the Ice Princess has had a rocky relationship with Wendy. Her hostility only intensified after Wendy suggested she was a prostitute, sending Azealia into a fit of tears. She'd later threaten the former radio host with legal action for the scathing remarks. Apparently, Wendy's commentary on Azealia's above-mentioned tiff with Nick was the last straw for her, and she sent death wishes to the gossip talk show hostess that's leaving the entire internet shaking their heads in shame.

  1. Wendy briefed her audience on the ‘Wild ‘N Out’ controversy on her show and ran down the laundry list of industry foes Azealia has fired up beef with

    According to Wendy, Azealia’s anger is the problem. Wendy also said she’d been roasted on the show before too, but given the nature of its competitive friendly beefs, she didn’t take offense and the cast mates were kind to her. She commented that she’s most familiar with Azealia’s anger instead of her music, and suggested she focus on that in the future.

    “Well, Azealia, good luck with getting yourself together,” she said. “And Nick—woo, woo, woo!”

  2. Azealia tuned in to Wendy’s message, of course, and sent a vicious, public death wish to her in response

    Calling up Wendy’s terrifying fainting incident of 2017, where she passed out from overheating and dehydration while on air, Azealia said she’d like to see a more fatal happening next time. “Omg can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead?” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “I would love to see her die on air.”

    #AzealiaBanks has words for #WendyWilliams 👀 Thoughts?? 👇🏾

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  3. And the internet is shocked and appalled by her low blow for Wendy…

Written by Diamond Alexis

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